Munich - Day 1

July 7, 2007

I was supposed to sit near the window of the plane to see the view but when I got to my assigned seat, a woman and child were already occupying my turf. I showed her my ticket and pointed at my seat number and she was so fucking annoying to tell me if I could sit somewhere else. I was too fucked to argue because A.) she was so annoying that I wanted to punch her B.) I was too jet-lagged to care.
So I just plopped my ass on another chair and wished the mother/daughter combo to enjoy the view.

I got to Munich in less than an hour and I was a walking zombie trying to get my luggage. It took..............forever. I think mine was in the very back of everybody else. I was worried that they lost it, which meant I was in trouble because all my stuff was in that ONE luggage. After, I don't know, twenty minutes of waiting, my luggage finally popped up and I left happily. Oh, did I mention that the passport control in Europe sucks. One line for EU Nations and one line for Non-EU people. Of course our line was always the fucking longest. It took a long time to pass through. Here in Canada, we have one line for everybody!!!

I get out of the airport and the first thing I said was...dumm..dum..."fuck!". I didn't know how to get my ticket so I had to ask strangers where the hell to go. It turned out it was a piece of cake and I waited for my S8 train to come. The luggage was a really pain in the ass because it was bulky but I settled in and watched the view of Munich whirl by.

Got out of the train station and what do I see, STAIRS. Yup, stairs with my already dying arms from carrying my luggage. I somehow managed to drag it up and walked to my hostel. It took 10 minutes and when I get there, a line was already in formation so I waited and waited. It felt like forever and people weren't that nice and I just sat there for the longest time, too tired to really care ,and too jet lagged to argue.

I finally got my key and I went upstairs to my room. I got lost again. Duh! I couldn't find the elevator. It was getting annoying. But I got in front of my room and in walks out a guy. He was one of my roommates and we got along famously because his CANADIAN! He helped me with my luggage and we talked about a lot of stuff. I managed to take a little nappy and showered. Then, Dave and I decided to walk around together. We tried asking our other roommate but this boy was glued to the t.v. for some reason. He watched t.v. day in and day out. We just ignored his antics after awhile. Meaning five whole minutes and we forgot that he was there.

Munich was really nice and it was so easy to just walk around everywhere. Dave was there for awhile because of his job so he was my tour guide that day. We went to a church to peek around and it was really nice. We ate together and bought some cigars for later. We ended up at the Hofbraus Hall. It was pretty sweet. Lots of people. And the was sooo good. Afterwards, we went for a longer walk and we got to this park and lots of people were there and some guy was rapping. It was pretty funny so we stuck around and sat on the grass and watched people walk about. That's where it hit me that I was on vacation.

We went back to the hostel and we both passed out cold. Woke up more than an hour later and we decided to have dinner together.

We went to the Marienplatz again and we had some pizza and beer. I had the best time just sitting outside and looking at the people passing by. We walked back to our hostel and decided to watch the moon from our balcony. Dave whipped out his cigar and we shared it before we went to bed.

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