Day 14 - amsterdam

July 20, 2007

When we got to Amsterdam, the weather was pretty bad. It was raining and we were in a room full of Swiss guys who immediately offered us shrooms. What a nice way of breaking bread with strangers. We should have taken them because those bastards woke me up in the middle of the night with their constant giggling, door slamming, and loud mouth. I was too sleepy to get up and too annoyed to really kill them. So the next day, i made sure i got up early, and banged every possible door and item in our room to wake those bastards up.

Henrik and I went to the Van Gogh Museum. The line up was long and it was raining. It was really interesting seeing his work up close. The gallery was missing some of his famous paintings like starry starry night, and a lot of the sunflower paintings. I guess I expected more because it is called the VAN GOGH MUSEUM.

Our last night was fun. We saw some people from the beach hostel in our uptown Flying Pig Hostel. We ended up hanging out with them and drinking the night away. Some guy wanted to go to the beach to surf which was really funny because the beach had ZERO waves so i saved him the time of trekking there and back.

It was a fun night. I completely passed out and woke up the next day (very early) still wearing the clothes from that night. I went to shower right away. communal showers is a major hate on my list but i figured it's sooo early in the morning who the hell will be awake. So, I got my stuff and went in. Showering away then the lights turned off. I was so freaked out. I kept saying, "hellloooooooo?" Then, I got my towel on and stepped out of the stall, light turned back on. I was so dumb that it didn't hit me that they have sensors. The whole time, I thought some prick was playing tricks on me until Henrik told me about it over breakfast.

Leaving was pretty bittersweet. I wanted to be home but at the same time I didn't want my vacation to end. I felt something was wrong when I was leaving. Something was nagging me inside and it made me feel uneasy but once I got to the airport I forgot about it. I was too busy looking for the Lufthansa desk and lining up.

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