Day 8 - Paris - Last Day

July 14, 2007

oh those stair masters


My last day in Paris was quite uneventful. I was already feeling tired and feeling homesick. I called home a couple of times. I talked to my friends and it felt like the world was slowly collapsing. My bf and I had a rough conversation and I wasn't in the mood for the romanticism of Paris. I couldn't wait to leave so I went to the train station to book my reservation on the Thalys. Of course, I waited in line for more than half an hour only to discover that I was in a wrong line. I went upstairs (on the right line) and had to wait again. On top of that I paid 15 Euros just to reserve a seat, fun fuckingtastic.

Afterwards, I went to Montmarte and had some food at a Middle Eastern Restaurant. It was quite and the food was really good and for the first time no one bugged me while I ate. I was getting really peeved off at people saying " ni hao ma?" to me every time I passed a restaurant. It was really starting to eat my nerves up on how rude people were. It was disgusting and so fucking ignorant. I really wanted to leave after that.

After my lunch, I decided to wonder around and I ended up at Sacre Coeur again. I climbed the stairs this time from the other side and the view from it was gorgeous too. I was excited and it was Bastille Day. The church was packed outside but I felt totally alone. I ended up sitting on the steps of the church listening to a very talented man singing songs from Maroon 5 to James Blunt. He had such a beautiful voice that I was so magnetized. I sat there just listening. I was so happy. At that moment, nothing else existed, not even a very creepy guy who tried to strike up a conversation with me (the fucking nerve!).

I left Sacre Coeur with a happy smile and wandered around the shops where I bought a couple of prints that I wanted to take home.

I didn't fall in love with Paris, it was a mere affair that didn't quite last that long. I guess it was the hordes of tourists that ruined it for me or maybe the heat. Or the fact that we started on the wrong foot. I'm not really sure but all I know is, it wasn't my favourite city to visit but then again maybe one day I'll change my mind and fall in love with this city. One day...

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