August 27, 2013

We could not pass up the opportunity to visit to Córdoba while in Andalusia region. It was about a 3 hour drive from Malaga. We set off early in the morning to drive there. I was excited to visit the Cathedral of Córdoba (formerly a mosque). It was the main reason why I wanted to visit Córdoba.
We parked a bit far from the city centre so we walked along the Roman bridge to enter the old town. 
I really liked strolling around the Old Town and looking at the interesting buildings and orange trees. Up next will be all about the Cathedral. 

I'm going to enjoy my last week of summer and I hope you do too! Planning a road trip with my fave boys. Have a fantastic Labour Day weekend everyone!!!

Algonquin Provincial Park Camping

August 19, 2013

Sorry for the lack of post but I've been busy enjoying the outdoors this summer. I went camping this past week for 3 days at Algonquin Provincial Park. I go camping once a year because I can't tolerate co-sharing the shower and washroom with strangers. 
I do enjoy being away from the city and having no signal on my phone to fiddle around with instagram or any social media. It's a nice break from being constantly "plugged in". 
Our home for 3 days
Canisbay Lake
I went on a trail around Peck lake. It was a very scenic hike for 1.5 hours.
When I was a little kid, I used to play outside a lot with my friends. The one thing we enjoyed doing was catching dragonflies. I was telling my bf my story and he didn't believe me so while we were walking along a path, I spotted a lot of dragonflies and caught this one. Don't worry, the dragonfly wasn't harmed. I set it free after this picture.
I really enjoyed camping this year most especially because of the food we made. I love grilling using firewood. We grilled sausages, steaks, veggies, etc.  The food tastes so much better!
I also learned how to chop wood properly! Life lessons you can't learn online.
The only thing I can complain about was the mosquitoes that attacked my legs a couple of times even with bug spray...oh nature!

Scenes from Malaga

August 12, 2013

One day, we just took the day off from day tripping to stroll around Malaga.We ended up at the city centre at Malaga Cathedral. The church is actually not finished as you can see at the top of the building but I guess they ran out of funds?

I have more detailed pictures from the inside of the church but that's for another time. Hope you had a great weekend! 
Malaga Cathedral
The photos below are from our rooftop patio. It was too cold to stay there for long but the view is too beautiful not to capture.

Frigiliana - white village

August 6, 2013

After exploring Nerja, we decided to drive up to Frigiliana. Our airbnb host suggested to visit the town as it is one of the "white villages". Basically, the whole village exterior is painted white.
We had to drive up the mountain and do a lot of circling around before we reach the town. Once there, it felt like a ghost town. We barely saw anyone walking around which was a little creepy but I guess it was not the tourist season.
I loved walking up and down the steps and finding interesting balconies along the way

Nerja - Balcon de Europa

August 2, 2013

Not the best weather but still a beautiful view

We took our fist day trip to Nerja. Thanks to Nicole's post about it, I decided it was worth a visit. It was about a 45 minute drive from Malaga so it was really really close. We left before lunch time and got there when it started raining. After looking for parking for 15 minutes, we walked to the city centre when it started pouring. We had to seek shelter from a restaurant to wait out the rain.
It was raining heavily so we decided to have a snack at the restaurant while we waited for the rain to stop. One hot chocolate and sandwich later, the rain stopped and we walked around to find balcon de Europa.
Rain clouds
We didn't have the best weather but we made the best of it. Next time, I'm coming back in the summer so I can fully enjoy the view and the stunning ocean. 

Next up, I will post about our trip to one of the "white villages" in the region. Have a fantastic weekend!

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