What I Ate: Tokyo Part II

January 12, 2017 Tokyo, Japan

I wanted to eat healthier on this trip (or at least try) since I was feeling ill. This was one of those attempts. I love how simple this meal was but very tasty. It was only rice topped with sashimi in a bowl.
Lunch inside Shinjuku station. I'm a sucker for tonkatsu and this restaurant only serve that. I didn't expect this whole bento for me though. No complaints because the salad was REALLY good. Again, it's so simple but tastes delicious!
I went a little nuts by always treating myself with dessert. I got this takeout from Doutor cafe. What impressed me about this was the absolute care they took to package my cake. I usually get cake and by the time I get home it's half squished. Not in Japan! Because they make sure it's fully packaged and perfect when you get home! I didn't even left a finger to get my own fork because it was already taped on the box. How cool is that!?
I randomly found this place while searching on google. We got lost but a Japanese man who spoke no English tried to assist us. We showed him the name and the map on google. He took our phone and we just followed him walking. We didn't know where he was going to take us but once he got to the front of the restaurant, he bowed to us. We bowed back and thanked him. 

It's a very small ramen restaurant. No menu but a vending machine in Japanese. We had to wait for the owner to try to explain to us what to get. It didn't even matter that we barely understood each other. We just placed our order and picked random button. 

It was so weird but so amazing at the same time. You just sit on a stool in front of a counter where the chef's are facing you and cooking right in front on you. No one speaks. They just eat, slurp, and leave. I was so intimated because I'm a slow eater. But it was ok. It was one of the best ramen I've ever had. 

When I looked up in between slurping my ramen. I saw all of the awards that they got. 

No picture was taken inside because I get very shy when the setting is too intimate that I don't want to ruin it. 
We went to a lot of izakaya's in Tokyo because it was so cheap and you can order so many little meals. I love eating this way. Ordering a lot of small dishes so I can try everything. I especially love anything skewered and barbecued.

Izakaya's here in Toronto is always too expensive. I hate it!
Family Mart is my best friend. Bought a lot of things from there including onigiri (rice ball). I think this one was stuffed with tuna or salmon. I ate way too many of these as my snack.

What is your favourite Japanese food?


  1. Looks like you had such a lovely time in Japan, sampling all the cuisine! I love sashimi (particularly salmon) and love onigiri. And who can say no to a delicious bowl of ramen!

  2. It's an admirable effort ot try to eat healthy while travelling, it's so hard! That ramen restaurant sounds like such an awesome experience.

    1. Yes, I always have a hard time because I absolutely want to eat sweets and meat all the time.

  3. My favourite foods in Japan were takoyaki and taiyaki :)! I guess I'm a sucker for fried food. The ramen and okonomiyaki I tried were delicious as well, and I became slightly obsessed with bento boxes!

  4. Everything looks so delicious! I love izakayas as well
    & I totally agree about the packaging. We bought a couple of small cheesecakes once and they even included a mini ice pack in our box lol

  5. I missed reading your blog! Can't wait to visit Japan again because of your posts <3

    Tienne — foregathers.life/blog

  6. LOL!! OMG I totally had the vending machine moment when I visited Tokyo too!! I just ended ordering what some guy that was in front of me ordered xD

  7. I love all Japanese food, even the ones in the Lawson! HAHA! My best ramen experience still goes to Ichiran. I was so excited I forgot to take photos inside.

    And that vending machine!! I remember how clueless we are on our first time that we entered a restaurant and sit on the tables. And we were just confused why no one is accommodating us. haha

    1. It's pretty intimidating when you first travel to Japan and trying to figure out how to order using the vending machine. It makes for a pretty interesting story though.

      And convenience stores are the best!


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