Cuba 2008 - Sunshine

September 29, 2010

Cuba 2008 - Havana

I took a tour from Varadero to Havana for the day. The tour cost was $85 (CDN) which included transportation, a tour guide, and lunch. The tour guide was amazing. He gave us a history lesson and a lot of information regarding the life in Cuba.
I don't usually like tours but I really liked our tour guide. He was very informative and he took us to a lot of great places like Old Havana which is part of UNESCO's World Heritage Site. The buildings were absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed strolling around the city mesmerized by Havana's gems.
Lunch was served at "La Maison" restaurant. The food wasn't spectular but it was nice to have a meal at this fancy place. The double plus was the cool car parked outside. I wanted to drive it so badly!

What I love about Cuba

The rum of course! It's very cheap to buy and you can make different drinks with it. I bought a bottle for less than $5.
The mojito is simply the best. I learned how to make it from one of the bartenders at the resort and now it's my favourite summer drink.
This is the best pina colada I ever tasted in my life. It was so fresh and just simply delicious.

4.) Cigars - nothing beats a Cuban cigar. The best!

5.) The people - are always friendly and smiling. I always enjoy my stay. 

Cuba 2008 - Party time

September 20, 2010

A lot of young people come to Varadero to party. Aside from having all-you-can drink from each resort, sometimes, one must venture out of the compound to find more lively entertainment. You can head over to the (pirate) the cave. It's a very small place that gets packed quickly. It starts with a cabaret show and after the show, it becomes a club where you can dance on the stage.

And if you just want to dance, you can head over to La Rumba. It was really close to our resort so we just walked to the club. Really good music and mixed with tourists and locals.


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