Pink Sunset

November 26, 2013

I miss witnessing dramatic sunsets. It's what I like about summer because the sky becomes every shade of the rainbow. Now that it's winter and it's practically pitched dark before 5pm. I can no longer enjoy my favourite "little things in life". I have to settle to looking at photos from my vacations.

I knew that I wanted to be outside a lot when I went to Cuba. I wanted to savour the last week of good weather before coming back to Canada and going through another winter.

Taking a walk on the beach and witnessing this amazing sunset was really special. I am always in awe how nature paints the sky and how the ocean can be so powerful. I'm not religious but this makes me believe of the higher power.

What I ate: Cuba

November 22, 2013

This was our room service meal one night. Our resort spoiled us with delicious foods! A lot of people complain about food in Cuba but what I can say is we had no problems at all. I've been to Cuba 3 times and I always had good food. But then again I don't stay at resorts that are less than 4 stars because I know the food/selection will be better the higher the stars. I usually go to the grill to get the fresh fish and meats. 99% of our lunch meals was at the pool grill and it was the best. We had delicious paella, skewers, hamburgers, chorizo, chips, etc.

We had 2 a la carte restaurants at our resort for dinner and you can order room service so we had no complaints at all. We had a lot of variety so you can never go hungry unless you are super picky! 

The room service was divine. We had the meal above complete with wine. The soup was fantastic and the lobster was really really good! 


November 18, 2013

After almost one year of not having a beach vacation, I decided that it was long overdue and booked a one week trip to Cuba. Mexico was great but Cuba always felt like my home away from home. It reminds me so much of the Philippines only much much closer! I really wish Philippines was only a 3 hour plane ride away. I think I would go back almost every week if that's the case.
I have been to Varadero twice and I wanted somewhere different. We ended up deciding to go to Cayo Santa Maria. We flew to Santa Clara and took a long bus ride (1 hour and 40 minutes) to our resort.

We spent one week doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. It was a welcome change from being plugged in 24/7 and working. We had no wi-fi at the hotel and the only time I used my phone was to check the time. 
We spent most of our time on the beach tanning. We we're lucky that our resort was secluded and we could walk along the beach without encountering anyone. I felt like I was in a deserted island and pretended to be a castaway for a few minutes ;)
We had a couple of mangrove trees along our resort. The water was very shallow and we could see a lot of fish and other sea creatures when we took walks on the beach. I always find water to be therapeutic and a cure for my mind when I feel too overwhelmed. This trip served it's purpose and I really relaxed with no timetable or schedule to follow but the rising of the sun.
I hope you all had a great weekend and please help if you can :)

Typhoon in the Philippines

November 11, 2013

 image via CBC

My thoughts and prayers goes out to the people affected by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
I can't even imagine the destruction it has caused - many people lost loved one's, homes,'s a heartbreaking disaster. 

Now is the time to help the people who are affected by the typhoon as they will require food, drinking water, clothing, medicine, etc. Every little bit counts.

Here are some of the organizations that you can use to donate:





Cuba 3.0

November 5, 2013

Hola!! I'm back! I was on vacation for a week in Cuba. I had an amazing time there! Having no plans for one week was great. All I did was go to the beach every single day. I can't tell you how good it feels to unplug for a week. 

I have a lot of catching up to do but hope to blog more soon. Wishing you a good week!

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