Day 9- Bruges

July 15, 2007

guess who?

henrik, can you at least pretend?

I have never been so happy to leave a place. My love affair with Paris came to a halt and I was happy when I woke up. Excited actually to be going off to Belgium meeting Kunstemaecker and Henrik (again!).

My Aunt came to see me off. As usual I was struggling to get my luggage together and hauling it up and down the Parisian stairs. It was really draining and when we got to the station, I was blindly looking for my train. It was almost time for me to leave and I was still unsure what train I should get on. I did not realized that the train right in front of me was the one. It was utterly confusing to me even if I did look at the information board a zillion times. My aunt thankfully asked a conductor and told her that it was my train and it was leaving and minutes. So, I ran and ran looking for the right cart and bumping every human being on my sight and finally I found my chair. A young man and woman were sitting on them. The guy asked me if I didn't mind switching seats and I said of course not and so he helped me put my luggage on those small compartment overhead that always annoys me. I sat on my chair and I was out of breathe and felt my stomach sink in.

Two seconds later, the train departed, and I was off to another country, to another adventure.

I spent my time writing and feeling anxious on the train. I didn't quite know how to behave. I was feeling fidgety and it was just a terrible feeling I could not shake off.

Ten minutes before we got to Belgium, I already got up, found an able bodied guy to help me with my luggage and I was off to the nearest exit waiting to get off at Brussels. I had to really haul ass because I had catch another train going to Bruges.

I was completely lost when I got off the train but somehow managed to get on the train to Bruges. I was panicking because I had no clue if it was going to the right direction. 

When I was finally happily sitting,  the conductor kicked me out of 1st class, and I had to move all my crap to second class. Very annoying.

I finally met Kunstemaecker and he became my tour guide for the day. Thanks for the lunch and drinks!!!

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