Welcome to my blog where I document my personal travels and food obsession. I started this blog to record my first solo trip to Europe in 2007 where I caught the "travel bug". I have been trying to visit a new country every year. You can read more about me here. 

I was born in the Philippines but grew up in Toronto, Canada. I call both countries my home.

I have a soft spot for the ocean and sunshine (sorry winter!).

I enjoy photography, all forms of social media (hello instagram!), painting, hiking, museums, shopping (especially for shoes), local markets, and food of course! I'm always eating and trying new things. I have a fascination for high speed bullet trains, Japanese vending machines, and currently Italian tomatoes and gelato's.

My absolute favourite countries are Spain and Japan!

Join me as I travel the world and take photographs along the way. If you would like to connect with me by  e-mail please contact me at christinelovestotravel@gmail.com. 

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