15 Random Observations of Bohol

May 26, 2021

1. Has great beaches and a lot of resorts.
2. You can choose to do a lot of tours like dolphin watching, snorkeling, and turtle watching.
3. You can also do island hopping tours.
4. Lots of tourists that come from China and Korea.
5. You have to haggle all the time with the tour operators and for transportation.
6. Restaurants with BBQ pits for cooking meat and seafood.
7. You can hire a private vehicle (car, van, etc) to drive you around Bohol to go to the famous sites.
8. Entrance fees to tourist sites are nominal.
9. Tarsiers are small nocturnal creatures.
10. You will be asked to sign up for tours each time you walk around the Alona beach area.
11. Panglao is also famous for diving.
12. You will find dive shops everywhere and diving schools.
13. There are a lot of white sand beaches like Dumuluan beach.
14. "Chocolate" hills is green not brown. 
15. You can go on a river lunch cruise. 

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