Travel Guide: San Francisco

June 5, 2011

I have compiled a list of restaurants, accommodations, and things to do from my trip in San Francisco. This is based on my personal experiences. I do not get paid to endorse any establishments (I wish!). 

Hotel Vertigo - I booked the hotel via Expedia. It was centrally located, only a few minutes walk to Union Square. I loved the location. It was close to everything plus all the added points of having a gelato shop, sandwich restaurant, and pizza stand less than 1 minute walk. 
I booked the newer rooms with a queen size bed. The room was a decent size and I got free wi-fi. Everything was clean. My only complain was the renovation. I didn't know they were undergoing renovations at the 2nd and 3rd floor of the hotel. They started banging the hammers after 9am and I could hear the noise from the 5th floor. Luckily, I am a morning person.

Dolce Gelato - 916 Sutter St. (Leavenworth Street) - yummy crepes and waffles. Lots of gelato's. I had my breakfast here everyday.
Bite - 912 Sutter St. - awesome sandwiches! had my first meal here and i loved it so much! lots of choices and great pumpkin soup.
Bellissimo Pizza - 920 Sutter Street. - great pizza!! I came here when I needed a snack. 1 minute walk from my hotel.
Sanraku - I was craving Japanese food one night and just decided to eat around my neighbourhood. BIG MISTAKE! I did not like this restaurant. My first bite of the spicy tuna roll and I knew it wasn't going to be good. The food was so bland. I could be eating any fish. I could not tell the difference. Don't go here! 
Fresca  (Noe Valley) - Definitely worth everything to go here! It was so far from my hotel but I made the trek with my companion who suggested this restaurant. The only thing we did wrong was not reserving a table in advance. We ended up sitting at the ceviche bar. 
I tried the trio ceviche tasting and ordered the ceviche mixto, hamachi taradito, and ceviche de coco. It was really really good! I loved it all! I even had oyster's too. It was so fresh and tasty. 
For my main course I ordered, Ahi tuna - grilled ahi tuna, achiote-aji panca marinade, cilantro infused rice, pineapple relish. I loved the bold flavours! It really came together and gave me a nice meal. 
I certainly would love to go back to eat here again! and again!
Bell Tower - 1900 Polk St. I had lunch here and it was pretty good. I ordered fish tacos and it was pretty decent.
Thai Stick - I ordered the trio sample appetizers. I really loved the satay chicken and egg rolls. Didn't love the taro root so much. I only had drinks and snacks here because it was too early for dinner. The mango mojito's was amazing!!!
Pearl's Burgers - 708 Post Street. Really really amazing burgers! The service was really superb as well!

I visited San Francisco in such a short time that I had no time to go beyond the city. I find that walking around the city is the best way. 
Pier 39 - I loved watching the seals. They were really really cute.
Fisherman's Wharf - I didn't love this place. It was really too crowded and touristy for me.
Golden Gate Bridge - The world's famous bridge. I suggest hiking around Presidio park before going to the bridge. It's a really nice view from the mountain.
Chinatown - Take a stroll around the colourful Chinatown. Lots of cheap souvenirs you can buy.
Ghirardelli Square - Make a stop and indulge yourself by eating chocolates. I love love Ghirardelli chocolates, I bought too much of it to take home.

I didn't really have time to shop but you can find a lot of stores on Union Square.

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  1. The food looks amazing, and my tummy is telling me it's almost lunchtime hehe.

    I would have been mighty annoyed if the hotel I was staying in was undergoing renovations. I always wake up at 2pm when I am on holidays! ;)

    The Cat Hag


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