Shopping Mall in Nagoya

February 15, 2017 Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Before having dinner at Miyuki, we had to kill time before our reservation so we decided to walk to Aeon Mall. I love shopping but I think I get more excited with window shopping more plus it doesn't cost a penny to do it.
I noticed that most malls in Japan are always empty so I have no idea how the stores ever make money. Maybe I went on a weekday when everyone was working. But even the Eaton's Centre has more people milling around on a weekday.
I get excited window shopping in Japan because everything is so kawaii!! (cute)! I always guard my purse though because kawaii means spending money for me. Haha.
I wanted to buy a lot of kitchen equipment but thankfully I have no room inside my luggage so that was safe for me.
And I love all the simple furniture's. Totally my style!
I wanted that couch! Looks super comfortable!

I can't believe it's February already. It's my birthday month! And I can't wait to celebrate it. Getting old isn't so bad when you have freedom to do what you want. Although, this past couple of weeks hasn't been the easiest, I know the only way to get through any set backs is to keep on going. Never give up! 

Light Cafe

February 6, 2017 Toronto, ON, Canada

After the big CNY feast, we walked over to Baldwin Street to search for dessert. We found Light Cafe because we wanted pastries (well the girls did).
The first thing that you notice is the plant wall! And the first thing I said was, "this place is so instagrammable!". We all went crazy taking photos of that wall before we sat down to get our order.
This is a new cafe that opened up on Baldwin. I've been coming to this street for years now since I used to work close to it and I have seen this street go through different changes. Restaurants opening and closing all the time. I hope this one sticks around. I used to go to Margarita's all the time for Mexican food and now I also go to Kinton ramen. Lovely street to explore if you love food!
My boyfriend ordered this flowering jasmine tea. I shared it with him because it was really too much for one person to finish. It's really good and quite strong. I guess you can add more hot water if you want to dilute it a bit.
Shared this with one of the girls- seasonal mille fille. Super pretty and quite yummy too! I don't think I could have finished this alone too.
And they have this really hipster cotton candy coffee. I'm not a coffee person but our friend enjoyed it.

Overall, it was a fun experience. Lovely decor, good food, and drinks. Will definitely come back here to try the fresh waffles next time! 

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15 Random Obervations of Seoul

February 4, 2017 South Korea

It was my first time visiting Seoul in 2014 and I made a list of random things that I saw/experienced. You can read about my random observations series here.

1. Coffee shops are everywhere. Everyone is caffeinated. 
2. Using a credit card is widely accepted (not in Japan).
3. The streets are louder and more lively.
4. They start drinking early and you can find drunk people walking even at 5pm. 
5. Cheap beer and even cheaper soju at $1. 
6. Of course Samsung is everywhere. From flat screens tv's at the airport to cellphones.
7. Super spicy foods.
8. A very modern city in touch with technology.
9. Super high speed wi-fi's. 
10. They work very long hours!
11. Lots of outdoor markets for food, clothing, accessories, etc. 
12. More people can communicate in English.
13. Skincare and make up stores are everywhere. 
14. And so are plastic surgery clinics and advertisements for it. 
15. They have showers only instead of having a bath tub.

Chinese New Year Feast

January 31, 2017 Toronto, ON, Canada

I never say no to any celebration so it was no different that I celebrated the Lunar New Year with friends. We went to King Crab Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown. The restaurant was full and everyone was in a jolly mood and drinking Maria Christina wine. I'm not sure why almost every table there had the exact brand of wine (it was not being served by the restaurant).

As you can see, we ordered so much food but it was for 6 people. We ordered a combo and added more dishes to it. It was still a lot but we managed to finish everything off.

I'm not a veggie person but this dish made me a convert. Snow peas with king mushrooms.
 Fried fish with blackpepper sauce.
Sweet and sour pork.
Before the table became too full.
This is one of my favourite dishes and I actually cook it at home. Eggplant with minced pork.
Since I'm allergic to crabs we ordered the Hong Kong style lobster.
 Lobster with E-Fu noodles.

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