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March 18, 2018 Toronto, ON, Canada

Okinawa, Japan

Happy spring? Or at least I'm hoping the temperature rises a little more so I can start saying "It's spring!". But that's probably not going to happen yet so I just have to be a little more patient. 
I just came back from my third trip to Japan and I must say that this might be the best one yet! It was absolutely amazing being back in Japan and having an awesome adventure in Okinawa. Wow! 

I have a lot of back entries I need to get done before I can post more of my Japan trip. But I am planning to overlap posting between my Asia trips and Greece trip last year so I can catch up faster. I will be posting more often now that I have accumulated a lot of drafted post. I am hoping you read and comment. 

Also, if you need any tips from me please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on either my instagram (DM me!) or e-mail. I am always happy to help! Or if you just want to say hi :) 

Happy Sunday! 

Bohol Tour - Tarsier Sanctuary

March 15, 2018 Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, Tarsier Sunctuary Rd, Corella, Bohol, Philippines

It has been my goal to see the Tarsier in Bohol.  Tarsier's are one of my world's smallest primates. I was shocked when I saw the tarsier's in person and how tiny they looked. I did not expect them to be really really small. They have a tiny body with huge eyes!

Of course we went to visit during the day and they were all sleeping as they are nocturnal animals.
The entrance fee to the Tarsier Sanctuary was P60 pesos (or $1.45 CDN). You are supposed to be quiet when you enter the sanctuary to not disturb the sleeping tarsier's but there was a group of older ladies with us and they were very LOUD!
We were all trying to hush them but they were not listening. Poor little tarsier's.
And the saddest part is that they are endangered animals.
You will spend no more than 1 hour here. You basically go around the sanctuary and spot the tarsier's and that's it. 

What I Ate: Laduree, Toronto

March 12, 2018 3401 Dufferin St, North York, ON M6A 2T9, Canada

Laduree's store at Yorkdale Mall opened last December. The line was too long then for me to come to the store. My Mom and I met up at Yorkdale Mall to celebrate my birthday early. When we passed by the store, there was no line so we took advantage of it. 
I love interior of the store. It's a pastel heaven! Everything was cute!
Hard to choose what flavour to get. I had tons of choices!
I got a box of 6 macarons for $27. Love the boxed packaging!
My cute Turquoise box.
I picked 2 pistachios (my Mom ate want already), salted caramel, chocolate, passion fruit, and rose petal. 
You can also dine inside the store. They have a selection of sandwiches, soups, cakes, and of course macarons. And also gourmet tea's and coffee. 

Bohol Tour - Butterfly Sanctuary

February 15, 2018 Poblacion, Bilar Bohol, Philippines, Philippines

Our next stop on our tour was the Butterfly Sanctuary. The entrance fee is 45 PHP per person ($1 CDN) and you are also provided a guide to take you around the sanctuary.
The sanctuary is very beautiful inside. Full of plants, flowers, and of course butterflies!
Our guide told us that butterflies snacks on mangoes. They love it!
I got one butterfly to land on my hand.
Spot the pretty butterfly. It's blending in with the plants.
I was very fascinated with this flower. It's so vibrant! It's called "ginger flower".
At the end of our tour, our guide made us pose in front of preserved butterflies and took this photo of us.

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