Virgin Island sand bar

January 16, 2018 Pungtud Island, Philippines

We went back to our boat after stopping at Balicasag Island to our next destination. The virgin island sand bar.
It was raining when we arrived but that didn't stop us from docking and walking on the sand. The water was warm and clear. 

We were greeted by vendors selling food. They had fresh seafood like abalone, sea urchins, and other snacks like plantain for sale. 
 and also drinks like fresh coconut, pop,and water. 

It was funny to see this in the middle of the ocean. A hut selling food. I got over it quickly and went to walk around the sand bar instead.
It started raining but I kept walking around the sand bar. I was expecting it to get deeper. It was shallow and the water was crystal clear.
There is nothing to do here but take pictures!
One of our fellow tourist held up everyone on the boat by taking forever to get back. She ordered food and it took a long time to cook. We were all just waiting for her while everyone else came back to the boat. 

Of course, no apologies when she came back.

We went back to Alona beach after. That was the end of our tour. 

Lake Placid - Exploring the Adirondacks

January 5, 2018 Adirondack Mountains

I've been meaning to visit the Adirondacks for years now but somehow I kept on putting it off. I decided that this fall was the time I was going to visit.

We drove from Toronto to Kingston (crossing the border) and then down to Lake Placid. We took the scenic route. It was beautiful.
We stayed at an inn in the Upper Jay. It was a great location.The photo above was our view driving around Adirondacks.The mountain was full of birch trees.
 It was almost Halloween so the whole area was decked out in pumpkins and Halloween decorations. This was the wine store Keene.
Lake Placid was a 20 minute ride. It was easy to get there. We simply parked the car and walked around the main town. Lots of shops and restaurants to choose from.

The weather was gloomy and raining but we didn't mind. We were spared from the rain on our first night was clear so we enjoyed the bonfire from our inn.
We had dinner one night at Baxter Mountain Tavern. I had this massive plate of ravioli. It was delicious and I loved the coziness of the restaurant.
Another note worthy dinner was at Ausable Inn. They had duck wings on the menu and I have never eaten that before so we ordered it. It was amazing! I really liked it. And we also ordered a huge pizza. We couldn't finish it so we took it back to our inn and had it for lunch when we got back on the road.
This is a maple syrup store. It was empty when we got there. It's an honor system payment. We picked out what we wanted. Wrote down the items, date, and left the exact price on the box.

On our drive home, we took a different route. We found a lot of waterfalls while driving. And of course I had to stop and take pictures. 

I would love to come back during sunny/warmer days so I can hike the mountains. I'm sure it will be a good experience. 

Have you visited the Adirondacks?

A year in review: 2017

December 31, 2017

I hope you all had a great Christmas! and got all the good things that you wanted. 
I can't end the year without doing my year in review because it summaries my year and I love looking back to it. 

This year was full of weddings! Two to be exact. And also a lot of work. I didn't get to go to as many places as I wanted so now my list is getting longer and longer. 

I started off my travels in February where I spent my birthday in sunny Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba. I've been there before and I really enjoyed the quiet and white sand beach. I knew I wanted to have a relaxing birthday so that's where we booked our first trip. 
We swam, snorkelled, rode an old school convertible car, ate a lot, and drank mojitos. 

In July/August, I went to Greece for the first time. We went to Athens, Santorini, and Aegina. It was amazing but oh my god was it hot. We were melting every single day. Athens was full of character and I loved exploring this ancient city. 
The food was delicious and I could not get enough of eating spinach pies. I had one almost every day. 

We took a boat from Athens to Santorini. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. It was an amazing experience. I did not mind being inside a boat for 8 hours. We loved it! 

Santorini was amazing of course. We stayed in Fira but we also explored other parts of the island like Oia. I will have to post about my trip next year. It was love at first sight. It is a very beautiful island! Had the best seafood too and the nicest people! 
From there, we flew to Cyprus for a wedding. It was hotter there than Greece. Nicosia was very interesting. And the wedding was great! 

After the wedding, we flew back to Athens for a few days and we took a day trip to Aegina. It was a good call to go there last minute. We loved the island and it's famous for pistachio's. 

Flew home to Toronto and attended another wedding that very same weekend. It was wedding season last summer! 

In October, A and I took a road trip to the Adirondacks. It's only a 6 hour drive from Toronto to Lake Placid. It was very scenic. I loved it! 

We stayed in a cabin in the Upper Jay and it was very cosy. I want to come back there. It was very nice! 

2017 has been good to me. It obviously had its up's and down's but I can't complain. I had to go through those challenges for me to grow and believe in myself. I gained more confidence this year when I kept getting disappointed. I'm surprised at myself for not giving up. I kept going no matter how bad it got and I'm happy that I did because it finally paid off. I reached 2 of my top goals this year. And I intend to keep going. 

Happy New Year my friends! I am wishing you courage for 2018. Keep going no matter what. 

What I Ate: Zubuchon

December 24, 2017 One Mango Mall, General Maxilom Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

I made sure we made a pit stop in Cebu before flying back to Hong Kong. I was not going to leave the Philippines without visiting the famous Zubuchon. I've been reading Market Manila for ages and when Joel opened Zubuchon, I knew it was going to be a hit! And Anthony Bourdain loves their lechon.
I already planned to have this on our first dinner. We walked to the Mango Mall location. My friend gave me the best hotel recommendation because we can walk to most places. Thanks Kat! 

I was so excited to eat but when we got there, they already ran out of lechon. My expression changed and I was so disappointed. I wanted to cry. I told A that we are not leaving Cebu until I eat here so we vowed to come earlier the next day. 

He consoled me by walking to a Larsian. See entry here.
We came back early the next night. The restaurant was still empty but I didn't care. I must eat my lechon before leaving Cebu. There was no other way! I was determined and I made sure when I walked in that they had lechon in stock.
The menu of Zubuchon..part of it anyway. I wanted to eat everything but I told myself the main purpose was lechon. The other items will have to wait when I visit next time.
The lechon came in a sizzling plate. It was really good and I love the crispy skin. My partner loved it as well. We kept on talking about it that we even purchased the frozen lechon to bring back to our friends in Hong Kong.
Fresh coconut juice! I really love island life :)
And to counteract the cholesterol, we ordered ensaladang talong (eggplant salad). We tried re-creating this several times at home and it just never tasted the same. 

We also ordered rice with this meal because you have to! 

We were so full after eating that we had no room for dessert. Or I had no room for dessert. 

The lechon was amazing! And the service was also great! 

We left happy and full.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!! And have a fantastic New Year :) 

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