Winter is coming..survival guide

November 22, 2014

Let's face it, winter can be cruel. In order to minimize the cruelty of winter, I put together a list of items that I use to make it more bearable.

The key to winter for me is to be prepared. You need to prepare every day and dress for the weather in order to be warm and comfortable.

1. Boots - can make or break you during winter. I suggest investing in a good quality boots that will last you a few years. I made a mistake before of always buying low quality boots and every year I would have to get a new one and I was never comfortable because I didn't have the full support I needed. Finally, I bought boots that are higher quality. It wasn't cheap but worth it. It's very warm, waterproof, and sturdy.

2. Coat(s) - this is also an investment piece. I don't know what took me so long to buy a down filled coat with a removable hood but it changed my life!! I was no longer freezing even if the wind chill was -30. The hood made a difference. It protected me from the wind.

3. Heat tech/thermal clothing - my friend from Japan sent me heat tech clothing from Uniqlo and it really made a difference. I love to use it for layering because it's so thin but amazingly warm. I have leggings, long sleeve shirts, socks, and a scarf - all heat tech to use during winter. I stocked up during my recent trip but I still feel like I also need more heat tech since winter is so brutal here in Canada.

4. Vitamins - it's very common to catch a cold and have deficiency during winter so to avoid that I take vitamins. It's usually vitamin C and D. And I throw in some Echinacea for good measures. Very popular right now for strengthening the immune system is oregano oil. I take it in drops with juice to cut the bitterness. It's disgusting but it works!

5. Vaseline - this has saved me from dry skin. You can put it on your face, dry lips, body, etc. and it keeps it moisturized. I never leave home without it during winter.

6. Accessories - i love buying a new scarf, hat, or gloves each's a fun way to change up your winter outfit without breaking the bank.

7. Tea/hot chocolate - i enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day but my go to drink in the morning is tea. I have them in all flavours depending on my mood and what I want that day..I have green tea, rose hip, peppermint, and chamomile at home. I also pack a couple of bags at work instead of going out and buying it.

8. Red wine - this is the best part!

And if all else fails, book a plane ticket to a warm destination and say goodbye to winter! 


  1. Buying a ticket to a warm destination sounds the best option! ;-) Well, good tips really. I love hot chocolate, coffee and tea, especially when it's cold. Sitting by the fireplace, reading an old good book and sipping something "mom-made" is my perfect idea of winters! (By the way, I hate winters!)

  2. Love your list, and agree with all of it. I haven't tried heat tech clothing yet, but you've got me convinced!

  3. such a great list you've compiled, it is SO cold in NYC lately!

  4. That's a great round up, I keep forgetting about Vaseline- so great for chapped lips. So glad you stocked up on Uniqlo!!


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