July 6, 2007

The anticipation of leaving was very exciting and yet scary at the same time. I was embarking it all on my own without my mom's hands or my sisters' company.

I woke up early and doubled checked my stuff just in case I forgot something (as if my luggage wasn't full enough of clothes, shoes, and my mom's lovely gifts to her friends in Paris).

I'm a pack rat and I have a huge thing with shoes. It's a plague that runs in my family, you gotta have the shoes wherever you go. I scaled it down to 3 (not counting the flip flops) and I was still frowning when I left. Best fucking decision to not bring high heels, I think I could have suffered major injuries from the demonic stairs in Europe.

K picked me up (so kind of him) and he was in wearing a pink shirt. I let that slip and we bounced off to the airport whilst singing along to "Life is Beautiful" by Vega4. It was a sunny day and we were both in good spirits. We hit the music full blast and we sang along like a pair of uncoordinated...errrr....just really bad singing but at least we were on cue with the lyrics.

We got to the airport and we couldn't figure out was where to go from there. He was so worried that I wasn't going to make it alive in Europe. It was beyond how I couldn't find the check-in gate for Lufthansa. After 10 minutes, we found it. I checked in and the man at the counter was chirpy so we got everything done so quickly. Then, I hugged my K goodbye and we laughed a little bit more until I went in to the security check-in.

This time, I wasn't harassed because I practically took off everything except my clothes. It was easy peasy and I went in to buy some book at the shop. Lufthansa was a pretty cool airline but I still prefer Cathay Pacific. The t.v on my plane sucked. We didn't get the individual one's which made me really pissy because I couldn't change the channel! That was my main concern while I was flying, channel surfing!!

I sat with a woman that was going to India. The plane was pretty empty so we had an empty seat between us that we used to store our bags and pillows. She was really nice and I really liked her a lot.

I think I slept for two hours and when I woke up, it was breakfast already! That was when I knew I was fucked because it was only midnight in Toronto and all I wanted was to sleep. When I got to Frankfurt, I was just in a daze. That airport was weird. You have to go all the way down and take a tunnel to get to another Gate. It drove me insane because I took the stairs (gotta love the stairs) and then I thought I was going the wrong way and will be emerging to the parking lot! Thankfully, I didn't and I found my gate. And I sat across a child that barfed her breakfast, this was just the beginning!

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