Destinations I would LOVE to visit

July 21, 2011

In no particular order, I would love to someday visit..

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I have been dreaming about going to Angkor Wat for some time now. I was supposed to go there while I was in Thailand but for many reasons, the plans fell through. I really hope I can visit this amazing temple next year!

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Macchu Picchu, Peru

How amazing is this place?? I really hope I can be fit enough to hike to the top.

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Seoul, South Korea

I can't wait to visit my friend from Seoul! I miss her dearly and I have been dreaming of meeting soap opera stars, eating dobbukki, and drinking soju for some time now. I must make it into reality with Jess.

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Kyoto, Japan

I almost went to Japan this year but then the tsunami happened. I really hope I can come next year! All out Asia trip!

Palawan, Philippines

I really regret not exploring my own "home" more but I promise that when I go back I will go to Palawan.

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Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

I read an article about the Jiuzhaigon Valley and fell in love. I want to visit Five Flower Lake.
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I hope one day, I can visit these places. I have more to add to my list and I will share more of my dreams.

Where to next??

July 19, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been really busy and not feeling too well lately. I have no idea where to go next. I wish I can feel inspired again to travel somewhere but my brain is malfunctioning. I was planning to travel in the fall but so far I haven't decided where to go. If anyone has any ideas, please help me! 


July 15, 2011

 Exploring the island of Krabi by scooter
 Got lost for about an hour
 But finally...
 Everything was fantastic until I saw the dark clouds
 I quickly had to get down the mountain before the rain
But it was too late..

Picnic by the beach

July 12, 2011

On a cloudy day in Krabi...
I took a walk near the beach and decided to have a picnic
I bought seafoods from the street vendor
and beer
I love the dipping sauces - spicy and so yummy!
After eating, it was time for a walk
It was low tide and everyone was walking around so I joined in
This used to be covered by water!
Best birthday ever!

Life in Krabi

July 6, 2011

 The simple life in Krabi was suited for me. It was so laid back and relaxing.

Happy Canada Day!!

July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Canada!

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