Paris - Day 6

July 12, 2007

I slept in and decided to take my time getting ready. The weather was dreary and everything felt grey but I had a good breakfast and I got ready for a full day of sightseeing. I was on my way out the door when the first thing that hit me was, how do I open the door?

It wasn't the regular doorknob I'm used to. So I tried to slide it open but it wouldn't budge. I tried pushing the buttons and it still wouldn't open. I tried for a good five minutes and I was honestly about to cry when I decided to call my mom's friend cell (she own's the flat) and thankfully she answered and I got to know how to open the fucking french door. The trick was to slide it and to hold it until it opens. Stupid me.

I was so happy when I got outside, I had my metro map with me and my week pass so I felt so chummy. The metro still smelled like shit but at least I didn't have a bulging suitcase to carry up the stairs. It was also less crowded so I got a seat and I stared at random strangers along the way.

I went to Notre Dame and it was drizzling. It was really beautiful. I had to wait in line to get inside the church but it moved very quickly. Once inside, I was surprised how many people were taking pictures even though a million signs said not to. Of course I joined in and snapped away.
The rose window was really pretty. I have been dying to see that for the longest time so I took my time roaming around the church, I think I went backwards but I didn't mind because it was fun. And I got to watch the mass in french for a little bit.

Afterwards, I got crepes outside and sat on the park. I watched little children feed the pigeons with bread so they can take pictures. It was so cute and it made me think about my nephew.

I ended up going on the side of the church to take some pictures of the flying buttresses. Nikki and I were both so awed in art class by it and finally I saw the it. It was pretty impressive. And I was looking out when I asked a nice gentleman to take a picture of me. We ended up talking. His name was Greg from the States and he was travelling alone as well. He was harmless so we decided to accompany each other for the afternoon at the Louvre.

We decided to walk there because what the hell, we were in Paris, and we wanted to see the streets! We even took pictures at the Seine. We talked and talked. I expected the Louvre to have a long line up but to our suprise, it didn't. The building was impressive and soooo massive!

We went after the popular paintings. We went on a Mona Lisa hunt and it was easy to find because people swarmed it like bees. It was really disappointing for me. It was on a glass case and people were just so vicious jabbing you left and right so they can take a picture. We left quickly and walked around. I saw Raft of the Medusa by Gericault, Oath of the Horatio by David, etc., etc...

I was so happy with the whole thing because every room was different and we even saw "the mummy" and took a picture from the ending of "The Da Vinci Code".

Greg was seriously a good company and I'm glad I met him. It was raining by the time we got outside and we tried to go underneath a tree for shelter but it didn't work so we walked in the rain to find the next metro and we parted ways.

It was really odd meeting people for a certain period of time and then as quickly as you met them, you part. But a part of you was there at that moment. And you try to congest your life story in a few hours and hide the bits that you'll only tell your very close friends.

When I got home that night, trouble happened again. I opened the very front door, buzzed the right code for the door but when I got to the flat door, I fucked up. I didn't know how to open it. I tried to turn it around and it would turn but it wouldn't open. I would hear a click and I tried to push the door open but it didn't budge. I tried about 20 times when I gave up and sat on the staircase wanting to cry and go home.

It was honestly so frustrating trying to figure how to open a fucking french door. I sat there about to cry when a neighbour upstairs came down and I pointed at the door with my keys knowing for sure he doesn't speak English. So I just nodded and gave him my key and voila that bitch door opened! And I said thank you a million times and crashed on the sofa because I was exhausted!!

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