Reserva Biosfera Buenavista

June 21, 2017 Cayo Santa María, Cuba

We were lucky enough to book a resort that was next door to the Reserva Biosfera Buenavista. We walked a lot on the beach of our resort and found this reserve by accident. It's literally on the beach next to our hotel. The white powder sand is too beautiful and I love how it was always empty. This is why I came back to Cayo Santa Maria because you will feel like you are in a secluded island if you pick the right resort that has less developments nearby.
We walked all the way to the tip of the island and found the trail for the reserve. There was no sign but we followed a guy who had the same idea.
 We saw a lot of different types of birds, cactus, and plants. I can't identify most of it because we didn't have a guide but it was fun to explore on our own.

You can't get lost because you just follow a trail and it's marked properly so it's safe.

Cayo Santa Maria

June 12, 2017 Cayo Santa María, Cuba

It's my second visit to Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba. I wanted to come back here because the beach is pristine and it's not as touristy as Varadero yet.
From our almost two hour drive from the airport to the hotel, I saw new resorts being built on the island so change is coming and it won't be long before this piece of paradise will be different.

Last time I visited, I did not venture out of the resort but this time I went to the nearby market to shop.

While waiting for the bus to come to the resort, I saw a couple getting off a vintage convertible Ford taxi. I was curious and asked the driver how much it was and he said 10 CUC to get to the market. It wasn't cheap but i wanted to experience this once so my bf and I hopped on the car.
It was so much fun!! Cuban music playing while we rode to the market.
We got to the market 15 minutes later.We visited Plaza la Estrella market.

It's a usual tourist market selling souvenirs, alcohol, coffee, and cigars. The market also had restaurants and cafe's.They also have a bank here if you need cash to pay for your purchases. Most of the shops will only accept cash payment.
We ended up buying coffee beans, cigars, and sandals. This area is known for leather so I had to buy the sandals ;)

15 Random Obervations of Taipei

June 5, 2017 Taipei City, Taiwan

It was my first time visiting Taipei this year and I wish I had more time to explore this city but I got sick so my time outside was very limited.

You can read about my random observations series here.

1. Night markets are everywhere.
2. Cheap food.
3. Fast wi-fi.
4. Great cable and lots of American shows/movies.
5. Delicious pineapple cakes.
6. Great MRT (subway) system.
7. No eating and drinking inside the MRT or you will be fined $300.
8. Affordable clinics with great doctors.
9. You pay less than $2 for bubble tea and it's everywhere.
10. Cheap massages.
11. Great service in stores and restaurants.
12. They love scooters.
13. A mix of modern and old city.
14. Video games fanatics.
15. Abundance of boutique stores.

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