What I ate: Spain

October 21, 2013

 Now, let's talk about food. I usually have love/hate relationship with food. I love food but it does not always agree with me so I have to be careful on what I eat because I get ill easily.

Having a rented apartment meant we cooked most of our meals in our apartment. For breakfast, I usually had eggs, cheese, jamon, and bread.
 My favourite pastry shop - Aparicio. We had one located less than 3 minutes from our apartment and I visited it pretty much every day. I could not get enough of trying new things every time I went there. 
Had to get seafood of course ;)
 Homemade paella
More tapas
 My birthday dinner included seafood platter - delicious!
Patatas bravas

An adventure in Tarifa

October 17, 2013

When we booked our apartment in Malaga, we knew we wanted to go to Morocco for a day trip. One day we woke up really early to drive to Tarifa to catch a high speed ferry to Tangier. We wanted to get there early so we can get a glimpse of Morocco for a day. We wanted to eat and visit the medina.

I was really excited to visit Morocco.  But the drive was long!  Getting closer to Tarifa, I noticed it was really windy. When we got to the town, it looked deserted. We found parking near the port and found a travel agency to inquire about getting a ticket for the high speed ferry. We found a travel agent and she simply told us "the port is closed today". And that was it.

We didn't know what the real reason was. Maybe it was weather related?

Anyways, we came too far to give up so we drove back to the direction of another port closer to Malaga. We didn't want to use this port originally because it does not dock directly to the Old Town of Tangier but we had no choice. We made the long drive back and the port was massive. It was hard to navigate and locate the parking lot.

We finally found the ticketing office but the boat schedules were too late for us. Not for day trip at least. It would force us to stay the night and we didn't have that in our plan. It was really disappointing to drive around from one port to another without ever getting to Morocco but that's how it is sometimes. Plans don't always work out. It was still an adventure though and at least got a glimpse of Africa from Tarifa. Sooo close...

Sunset in Marbella

October 14, 2013

We left Ronda before sunset to head back to Malaga. On our way home, we decided to stop by Marbella out of curiosity. We passed by designer shops, cosmetic surgery clinics, expensive cars, and homes. We didn't have time to linger but we did manage to catch the most beautiful sunset at the waterfront.
It's Thanksgiving here in Canada and I had a great dinner with my family on Saturday to celebrate. I am thankful for all the wonderful places I have visited in the past and to many more I hope!


October 10, 2013

After visiting Antequera, we decided to also visit Ronda. It took about an hour to drive there and after getting lost a little bit we found our way to the town. The ride was dizzying. We had to go through the mountains and I just remember feeling so dizzy from all the turns. I tried to distract myself by filming the road but I'll save you from watching the dizzying-vomit-inducing video. Ronda sits on top of mountains as you can see from the photos below.
looking down from the lookout point
Ronda is famous for its bridges and bullfighting. But we came to see the famous bridges and views. Out of the three bridges, we ended up going to Puento Nuevo (new bridge).
so scary to look down!
We lacked the time to explore Ronda thoroughly but we managed to get a glimpse of the town, the famous bridge, and we had a drink before driving back to Malaga before sunset. Would be too scary to drive along the winding mountainous road in the dark.

Alcazaba de Antequera

October 6, 2013

We always find an Alcazaba's wherever we go! But that's Spain for you...lots of fortress, churches, and castles wherever you go.
We hiked up the hill from the town centre to get the full view of Antequera and to visit the Alcazaba. It was a quiet day and aside from a school group on a tour, we felt quite alone to explore this town. I really love exploring small towns. I don't feel the rush to hurry and I can just relax and truly be in the moment. Every time I travel, I find that I slow down more and more to truly appreciate the beauty of each place.
Very narrow passage
Welcome to my crib!!!
View of the mountain and the town from the Alcazaba
Magnificent view
Afternoon tea anyone?
Soo happy that we got to explore this place!

P.S. If anyone has any book recommendations, please let me know. 

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