What I Ate: Din Tai Fung

April 17, 2017 Taipei, Keelung City, Taiwan

Of course one of our first meals in Taipei was at Din Tai Fung. It's a very famous restaurant for xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings). We met Keiko's friend Amanda who took us here for dinner.

Amanda ordered the food for us because she knows what's good. I was just happy to eat and not be bothered figuring out what to eat.
I was starting to feel ill during this time so my mind was starting to get blurry but you know food so I had to eat. Thankfully, I still had an appetite here before I got the flu. I would have been really bummed if I didn't taste any dishes. 

The rice with pork on top. OMG, the rice was really good! You all know how much I love rice, haha!
This was really good too - fern! So refreshing after eating all the meat.
Forgot the name of this dish :(
Of course the xiaolongbao did not disappoint. I could eat this every day. The only thing I skipped was the xiaolongbao with crab (allergies!!).

You have to be very careful eating the dumplings because it's very hot that it can burn your tongue. I usually take a small bite before slurping the broth inside and then I eat the whole dumpling.
The glutinous rice dessert!
Loved watching them make the dumplings from the window. They make it so fast!! Teach me please.

Have you ever had steamed dumplings before?

Raiding Japanese supermarkets

April 12, 2017 Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Going to the supermarket is always fun to visit in different parts of the world. I find it exciting to walk around grocery stores in different countries/cities. I am always curious on what people eat. 

Keiko took us to a supermarket in Nagoya where I went crazy taking photos.

I love the pre-packaged meals and look how cheap it is!!! Ahhh, can I live in Japan so I can eat fresh fish every day without breaking my bank account!
I honestly could not believe the prices - less than $3 for each. Wow! That's at least double here in Toronto.
So cheap!!!
I found a lot of mini versions of items inside the supermarket which I think is a really brilliant idea. You don't see a huge can of coke or giant tubs of ice cream. No wonder Japanese people are quite slim. 
And selling alcohol inside the grocery store? That's awesome! Ontario is finally catching up to this..
A mini Canada dry. Had to take a picture of this!
This is a kid's drink but I bought myself a few of these because it was cute and also, it was very tasty with sliced oranges inside. And I needed vitamin C. So win-win.

What I Ate: Conveyor belt sushi

April 7, 2017 Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

I couldn't leave Japan without visiting a conveyor belt restaurant again. It's just so much fun! My friend Keiko took us to Sushiro restaurant in Nagoya.

Of course we got tuna! Everything was delicious!
And tamago!
I just love watching the conveyor line of sushi passing us. This is how they get you to eat a lot!
We also ordered special items on the menu.
You will never go hungry in Japan ;)
Beautiful mackerel sushi. 
More tuna and salmon!
And of course we can't pass up dessert!
Really good chocolate cake.
Our plates were stacked and measured after our meal to calculate our bill. It was a really cheap bill for 3 people.

What I Ate: Soos Resturant

April 4, 2017 94 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z4, Canada

I keep forgetting to post photos and write blog posts about restaurants that I try in Toronto. I usually post it on instagram but this dinner was really good so I want to immortalize it here on my blog. And I really want to write more restaurant recommendations for tourists coming to Toronto. 

We celebrated my eldest sister's birthday here at Soos Restaurant (Malaysian fusion). It was a girl's weekend! We opted for an early reservation so that we can enjoy each other's company longer. And we knew the restaurant will be busy later on the night. 

We all ordered the "feed me" for $38 pp. We wanted to all taste their favourite dishes. 

Pulled kapitan tacos - house made tacos with nappa carrot slaw with tzatziki
Pork belly pancakes - nyonya sticky soy pork bellly on a crispy taro root pancake. I really loved the crispy taro root pancake! I could eat it all all day.

Giant Don Quijote store in Nagoya

March 28, 2017 Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

After visiting Oasis 21, we walked to the new Don Quijote store in Nagoya (it wasn't there on our first visit). It was a very windy night so we took shelter there.
You can always find some weird things to buy at Donki. Full body suits for men. I honestly don't know any guys that would wear these....even on Halloween!
All the junk in the world! Could be good as presents though.
Again with my rice cooker obsession. I always check out the different brands. Just in case I need a new one ;)
Takoyaki maker. Was contemplating getting this but too heavy and I don't think it's easy to make takoyaki :(
Pens anyone? All the different colours, brands, and types you could ever need. I always have pens inside my purse.
I need a bike basket!
My favourite section, SNACKS!!
I'm allergic to crabs but this looks like an interesting snack to take a picture of since I can't eat it.
Forgot what this was made of but it's edible! Eat money!!
mmm...cookies! I was so surprised that I had willpower and didn't buy cookies.
Sochu and sake section!
Sakura flavoured wine.
Oh yes!!!! Thank god I can buy pocky here in Toronto or else, I would have bought this.
Souvenir section. All kinds of things you can buy to take home.

What I Ate: Lunch in Obu

March 18, 2017 Obu, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

We stayed in Obu in Nagoya for two nights before leaving for Taiwan. On our full day in Obu, A was not feeling well so we decided to stay in our hotel instead of going to downtown Nagoya. 

Obu is so small and there is barely anything to do there. After staying in our room the whole morning, we decided to walk around Obu. It was very windy but we still walked around. 

We just kept walking trying to find some of sort of life in Obu but it was mostly quiet. We found a post office and we took out some cash from the ATM but aside from that, it was deserted. We walked back to our hotel and I asked the receptionist if she could recommend a restaurant for lunch. We communicated in broken English and I half understood her instructions on where to go. It was a short walk from our hotel.

We hesitantly entered Naniha restaurant. It was actually lively there with senior people having their lunch. We sat on the mat and our server tried to communicate with us but she gave up and found another lady who spoke English. She helped us with the menu and ordered our food. 
Of course, I ordered a bento because that's what I do. I loved it!

And my boyfriend ordered this chirashi bowl.

I was surprised when they brought it out because there was a lot of dishes! I was in heaven! This is exactly what I wanted. So many different small dishes for me to taste..yaasss!!! I loved the custard and also the tamago (rolled egg). Everything was delicious. I didn't recognize a few ingredients but it was fine, I ate everything anyway! and it was also a very affordable lunch!

My legs were hurting after seating down on the floor for long time. I don't know how people can sit on the floor for hours. I need more practice.

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