What I Ate: Hong Kong Part II

September 15, 2017 Hong Kong

After shopping in Hong Kong, we had dinner with our friends and they took us to a restaurant in Kowloon. I happily followed our friends to get to this place and they took care of ordering our dinner. It was a local's only place.
They always order the best dishes!
This one was my favourite - deep fried squid with cashews. I like anything with nuts for added crunchiness.
And we also ordered sweet and sour pork, rice, steamed chicken with soy sauce, and eggplant on a hot pot.
We went to Bing Kee for the Hong Kong style milk tea. I got hooked to drinking milk tea after this. It's so good! And this restaurant is just off an alley and you sit on plastic stools and they have really tiny folding tables for customers to use.
It's the best drink on a hot day.
The tea was delicious and the chicken wings are the best! The perfect snack for me :)

Macau Pandas

September 12, 2017 Macau

I have a mild obsession with pandas and when I was planning my visit to Macau, I found out that they have a giant panda pavilion. I knew I needed to go see the pandas.
After visiting the sites and hoarding snacks, we went to the Venetian casino to walk around. I thought we had plenty of time to see the pandas but quickly realized we spent a lot of time at the casino.
Taking the bus was out of the question so we took a taxi to the pavilion.
I was panicking but thankfully we made it in time. There was no line to get the tickets and we rushed to the building where the pandas live. Of course the first thing we saw was this cutie eating bamboo. Just chilling and eating.
I have no idea if this is a male or female panda. Loved watching him/her though walk around their home. We only spotted 2 pandas. The babies were not here.
It certainly made my year! I was so happy I went here. And of course I hoarded some items from the gift shop. I bought key chains, stickers, and a stuff toy.

Macau snacks

September 6, 2017 Macau

I want to wish you all a Happy September! I can't believe summer is over now :( Such a bummer but looking forward to a very busy month of September.
You can't go to Macau without sampling or hoarding snacks. We were told by our friends from Hong Kong to try all the snacks.

And you can't miss it because each store will have a person outside ready to entice tourists with samples to lure you inside their stores.
You can buy so many different types of snacks and some are in fancy boxes.
The beef jerky is the most popular! They have a lot of different types. I'm not a fan so I didn't sample them.
They also have different types of candies. I bought ginger candies and they are the best! It's really strong but it helps a lot if you have a sore throat. I bought the pack on the far right.
I also bought pineapple tarts for my friend Keiko. She loves them!
 I saw people purchasing suitcases full of snacks!
This man was making my absolute favourite snack - peanut cookies! He was making it from scratch and I watched him for a few minutes.
He used a wooden mold to create the cookies.
They were absolutely delicious! I wished I had room to buy a suitcase full of peanut cookies :(

Macau Day trip

August 29, 2017 Macau

Taking a day trip to Macau was so easy! We took the highspeed boat from Hong Kong to Macau. You have to bring your passport with you on this journey.

It takes about 1 hour to get there. We did not have to make a reservation in advance.

Once, we arrived in Macau, it was a quick line at the Passport Control and we took the bus to take us to the city centre. 

The buses in Macau are cheap and it runs frequently. We stopped at Senado Square. From there we started our walk to find the sites in Macau.
We stopped by St. Dominic's Church. I love that this church is painted yellow. I have never seen such a colourful church before.
After the church visit, we kept walking until we reached the Ruins of St. Paul. The church burned down and the only remains are the facade and the stairway. It is the most famous and most photographed landmark in Macau!

What I Ate: Hong Kong Part I

August 25, 2017 Hong Kong

One of the first breakfasts I had in Hong Kong was dim sum of course ;) It was so close to our hotel and I was hungry so we sat down and ordered a few items on the menu. What I loved the most was the pineapple buns. It was still hot and really delicious!
One of our friends took us out to a cafe for lunch. I was starving and decided their is nothing else I wanted to eat but good old fried rice! I love my rice and it was absolutely perfect! 
My boyfriend ordered noodles and our friend ordered this giant toast that was filled with cream sauce and seafood. He loved it!
And because I had a bit of sore throat, I ordered lemon tea ;)

Hong Kong Skyline

August 19, 2017 Kowloon Public Pier, Hong Kong

I'm back to share my trip from Hong Kong and Philippines last year.

It was my first time to visit Hong Kong and my boyfriend went there a few times already so he was my guide for this trip. We landed in the morning and by night time, he took me out to see the skyline of Hong Kong. We walked from Causeway Bay to the ferry terminal to take us to the Kowloon side. I can't forget the humidity in Hong Kong but the breeze was nice once we boarded the boat. Watching the skyscrapers illuminated with different colours was breathtaking!
Once we got to the Kowloon side, it was picture taking time.

I was really laid back on this trip and didn't cram a million things to do. This was just a few touristy things we did in HK, the rest of the time we spent wandering around with our friends or eating. It was perfect for me!

I didn't expect to love Hong Kong but I was completely charmed. The food alone is a reason for me to keep coming back there.

Life Update 4.0

August 17, 2017 Toronto, ON, Canada

Hello! hello! It's been a while of not updating my site. I've been really busy and time just got away from me before I went on vacation. 

I'm back from my trip from Greece and Cyprus. It was really fun but ohh sooo hot. I was melting while walking around. I got a tan from it without even trying. I can't complain because the weather in Toronto is so unpredictable and we get rain a couple of times a week.

This summer is going by too quickly. I can't believe it's mid-August already. I went to 2 weddings already. Had my friend Keiko visit me again in Toronto in July. And had a couple of barbecues with friends and family.

I hope to update more here and keep sharing. I have a back log of photos and stories from my trip to Asia last year.

I've been missing Asia lately but time will come again when I get to visit.

What have you been up to this summer? Let me know :)

Reserva Biosfera Buenavista

June 21, 2017 Cayo Santa MarĂ­a, Cuba

We were lucky enough to book a resort that was next door to the Reserva Biosfera Buenavista. We walked a lot on the beach of our resort and found this reserve by accident. It's literally on the beach next to our hotel. The white powder sand is too beautiful and I love how it was always empty. This is why I came back to Cayo Santa Maria because you will feel like you are in a secluded island if you pick the right resort that has less developments nearby.
We walked all the way to the tip of the island and found the trail for the reserve. There was no sign but we followed a guy who had the same idea.
 We saw a lot of different types of birds, cactus, and plants. I can't identify most of it because we didn't have a guide but it was fun to explore on our own.

You can't get lost because you just follow a trail and it's marked properly so it's safe.

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