Stuttgart - Day 4

July 10, 2007

D and I woke up late and we didn't know what I should do for the day but when she looked around her guide book, she told me we could go to a palace. So, of course I said yes and was very excited.

D: I don't know why japanese people are so excited to see the Casa Loma! It's not even old.
me: I have no idea but to us, Casa Loma is ancient!
D: But compared to Europe, that castle is new!!

I had to see this palace for myself so we went to Ludwigsburg which is about half an hour away from Stuttgart by train. See, this is what I love about Europe, the TRAIN. Because in North America, it's always about the bus. The slow moving bus!

We got to the town and it was pretty cute looking so I was really excited. When we finally found the palace, we hit the jackpot and just got there before the English Tour Guide was beginning (they only have 1 per day). The palace was massive and it took a good hour to actually tour the place.

We could only take pictures without the flash so my pictures are a bit blurry because I have no steady hands.

Our tour guide was pretty funny. She had the cutest accent and I swear, I couldn't absorb the history of that place and the people who used to live there. Too much info. All I heard was Frederick was fat and his second wife was named Charlotte.

After the tour, D and I had lunch in town. It was a beautiful weather so we sat outside and just had a fabulous afternoon together.

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