December 12, 2017 Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines

I took a break from doing touristy things in Bohol to relax on Alona beach. I wanted to relax and floating on the ocean is the best way to do that. This is probably my favourite thing to do aside from snorkeling.
Just floating and clearing my head. Concentrating on my breathing and letting it all go.
Thank you to my friend Jem for letting me borrow his go-pro. We took it everywhere with us. And for A for taking the photos above.

We have some snow on the ground now but my thoughts are still on island life. One day..

What I Ate: Larsian

December 4, 2017 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Going to a Larsian was recommended to me by Dutched Pinay Travels. I would have never found this place without her. 

After my failed attempt in eating lechon in Zubuchon (they ran out early). We decided to walk to Fuente Osmena to experience Larsian.
Larsian is all about grilled and barbecue food (meat and seafood). It's a big outdoor square with different stalls selling meats/seafood. I didn't count how many stalls they have but i'm sure it's over 20. They all essentially sell the same items.
I didn't know how to pick a good stall so we just randomly picked one to order from. It was packed with people enjoying dinner. We loved it! It was mainly locals dining and enjoying grilled food.
You pick the stall that you want. You pick your meat/seafood and order it. And of course you can't forget to order rice. The grilling takes place at the center of the square. 
It smells wonderful here!
They bring you the food in plates covered in plastic so they won't have to wash the plates each time. We opted to eating with our hands so they gave us gloves to use.
Everything was delicious!
This is how the rice was packaged. Never seen this before. Only in Cebu?
We really wished we had more room in our tummies to fit more barbeque's but we gave up after ordering a few different types of meat. 

It was a fun experience. And the price was very cheap!

I highly recommend visiting a Larsian when you visit Cebu. 

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