Manuel Antonio National Park II

August 28, 2014

After spending a couple of hours tanning and swimming, we decided to explore the park a bit more. We went to a more popular beach in the park. I couldn't get over how beautiful Costa Rica is. It's so diverse and it offers a lot of activities to everyone. You can hike, see volcanoes, go to the beach, see a lot of wildlife, and etc. I didn't feel bored or trap inside a touristy resort. I had full reign on my schedule and how I spent it.

I loved walking around the park and see animals on our walk. We saw a lot of iguana's and monkeys. And thankfully no crocodiles! 

I really really want to go back to Costa Rica. 

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Happy travels :)

Manuel Antonio National Park Part I

August 20, 2014

Manuel Antonio National Park is paradise! I enjoyed the public beach in Quepos but I wanted to get away from the crowd and the persistent vendors on the beach.

To enter the park, you have to pay an entrance fee. Make sure that you pack food before going inside the park. There are no vendors or restaurant stalls inside the park so you have to bring your own food/drinks if you plan to stay for a couple of hours. 

Once you enter the park, you will have to follow a trail that will take you to the beach. It's about a 15-20 minute walk and you can see a lot of wildlife while walking. We spotted different birds, sloths and an iguana on the trail. You can also hire a guide for a fee if you want a comprehensive tour of the park.

My plan that day was to relax and I definitely did. I spent the day playing with the ocean waves and what else but getting my fill of vitamin D.

I might as well start planning my retirement here..

Summer: Cottage life

August 12, 2014

When I was in my teens, I spent most of my weekends up north in Midland/Penetanguishene area. We had family friends who lived up there and I spent every Friday after school being shuttled from Toronto to Midland. I spent my time doing homework during the car ride/traffic so I can be free all weekend. 

We spent a lot of time on the beach and having barbeque's with our friends and extended family. It was the best! We didn't have cell phone's and all kinds of gadgets as distraction. We had each other to talk to and we played a lot of games like charade. 

This weekend, I got the chance to re-live some of those memories. We visited a family friend's cottage for the day. We had a picnic lunch at his cottage before heading to the public beach. The beach is full of families enjoying the small beach and clear water.

I spent all day tanning and reading "The hundred foot journey". It was pure bliss!

The other best part of this visit was re-visiting Balm beach. I saw the old arcade where we used to play on Saturday nights. The whole crew went for a walk on the beach while watching the amazing sunset above.
To top it off the amazing day, we had ice cream after our sunset walk. 

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