Women in Kimono

April 27, 2015

Kyoto is the best for 'kimono watching'. Kimono rental is very popular in Kyoto for tourists. I thought about renting a kimono for myself but knowing how I'm uncoordinated and clumsy I can be - I opted to save my dignity instead. The kimono looks comfortable but I don't know how to pull off the socks/slippers deal. Next time..I might need to practice first.

I loved snapping pictures of women wearing kimono's in the major tourist sites. Each kimono is unique and it looks super luxurious. I know a friend who rented a kimino and a photographer to snap around the temples with her. It was expensive but worth every penny as a souvenir from Japan.

You can also purchase your own kimono's. I personally loved the kimono pajamas provided by our hotels. It was very comfortable! 

Kyoto Station

April 23, 2015

Arriving in Kyoto station from Nagoya was amazing! The modern architecture of the railway station was fascinating. It's a huge station!!! Our hotel was a 15 minute walk to the station and it boosts restaurants inside so we went there to eat sometimes.

The station building has different floors dedicated to shopping, dining, and entertainment. The top floor had a garden. It was really beautiful with the bamboo trees planted every where. You get a panoramic view of Kyoto.

Nagoya castle - The Donjon

April 20, 2015

Happy Monday! It's a rainy spring here in Toronto at the moment. I hope you have sunshine and warm weather in your part of the world.

Let's go back to Japan again. Finally, we get a take a look inside the castle. After spending a couple of hours around the castle grounds, gardens, and other exhibitions - we made our way inside the castle. Lots of stairs inside and we saw a special exhibition. The whole room smelled like wood and it was the best. Every guest had to take off his/her shoes and put on a special footwear to enter the building. It was very clean inside the exhibit hall (Japan in general is clean).


April 18, 2015

Happy weekend everyone! I've been dreaming about spring for months now. I'm looking back at my pictures from Mexico and hoping that we have more colourful blooms here.

Walking around the resort made for an adventure. Lots of plants/flowers everywhere. And all the beautiful cactus. The gardeners did a really good job keeping the grounds clean and watering all the plants. We took different routes to our room every day to explore our massive resort.

I love all the colourful flowers and trees. It was a stark contrast from the grey winter weather from Toronto.

Beach life

April 15, 2015

I woke up early most days during my vacation to eat breakfast and to ensure a prime spot on the beach. Yes, I am one of those people who leave their towels on the beach chairs. I learned my lesson before and ensure that I get there early before everyone wakes up and takes the prime sunbathing spot.

I loved that the resort had 3 beach spots which was great so everyone do not crowd into one location. Water activities were available and some for extra fees. You can also book tours for fishing and whale watching. I preferred enjoying the beach instead and relaxing!

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