Shopping & Eating in Rome (mostly in Trastevere)

March 30, 2016

I put together a list of restaurants and shops that I visited while in Rome. I mostly have positive experiences but I also wrote down disappointing meals. My list is mostly concentrated in the Trastevere area where I spent a majority of my time.

To eat:

Donkey Punch - (00153, Via Della Scala, 25, Roma) This is a small counter restaurant that serves amazing sandwiches!! This was my first meal in Rome and it did not disappoint. I had the porchetta sandwich and it was amazing! You can customize your sandwich by adding different toppings and spreads (some at additional costs). You can eat inside the small restaurant or you can have it to go. Seating is very limited. 

Da Massi - (Via Della Scala, 34, 00153 Roma) It's right beside Donkey punch restaurant. I went here because it was recommended by our hotel. They serve fresh pasta with porcini mushrooms. My bf ordered the porcini but I stole it from him. I was absolutely in love with this dish!!! We also had the pasta with anchovies. It was good but the mushrooms win!

Il Duca - (Vicolo de' Cinque, 52, 00153 Roma) Another great find was Il Duca. My bf and I like to peruse the streets of Trastevere and deciding on a whim which restaurant to go to. We had dinner here and we chose the garden patio because it was more intimate than the front patio. I honestly don't know how anyone can get through all the Italian courses because I can't. I only make it only the primo before I am stuffed. And sometimes I share the secondo with my bf. Anyways, Il Duca is great! We ordered bruschetta and it was good. I had the ravioli with sage, ricotta, and truffle sauce. There was only 2 pieces of ravioli but it was huge! The truffle sauce was good but I found it too heavy. I struggled to finish my plate. Second course was veal scallopini. And no dessert because I was too full.

Cafeteria inside the Vatican Museum - yes it's overpriced and not as great as the pizza you can get outside but you don't really have a choice. 

Aristocampo - (While I can rave about all the great restaurants in Rome, I can't on this one. Aristocampo has two locations - this one is in front of Maria della Scala Church. I went here after spending a lot of time inside the Vatican Museum. I wanted to chill and have a drink and possibly eat a snack. The service here was terrible!!! They took forever to make my salad (been to restaurants in Rome and I never had bad service). The salad itself was terrible and served in huge plastic bowls. Not worth going to!

Celsa restaurant -(Via Celsa) Had lunch here since we were walking around the Pantheon. This restaurant is ok. The food is not that great and the price is more expensive than eating in Trastevere area. We ordered a platter of antipasti and vegetable soup for me because I wanted something healthy. The service was good but the food was not notable.

Master Kosher meat - (Via di Santa Maria del Pianto, 63) We walked around the Jewish quarter and decided to have a snack to break up all the Italian food we have been consuming. We ordered falafel and shawarma. It was really tasty and delicious! 

Da Olindo Osteria - (Vicolo della Scala, 8, 00153) This is a really home-style restaurant.We were greeted by a very friendly Grandmother. Felt like I stepped inside an Italian home. I did not take photos during dinner but I can tell you what we ate. I ordered Cacio e pepe, it was delicious but it was swimming in butter. Also had meatballs to share with my boyfriend. It was good but nothing to rave about. My boyfriend ordered rabbit but they mixed up the order and gave us chicken with tomatoes and black olives. We didn't complain because it was really amazing! Super homey dish. This is a cash only restaurant so make sure you have cash, otherwise, you will have to go to an ATM a few blocks away.

Dar Poeta - (Vicolo del Bologna, 45, 00153 Roma) Went here 3 times. Loved it every time! Pizza is really good of course and great house wine for a very good price.

Da Mario's - (Via del Moro, 53/55, Roma) If you want a typical Roman cuisine then come here! I ordered porcini mushroom with fresh pasta. It was really good!! My bf ordered the tripe and he loved it. I also ordered sausages with potatoes and that was also very delicious!

La Prosciutteria Trastevere - (Via Della Scala, 71, 00153 Roma) Last meal of the trip. You can't miss the porchetta on the glass window or the prosciutto hanging from the ceiling. I wanted a lighter meal for dinner after 2 weeks of indulgence. We ordered a small plate of antipasti and porchetta sandwich. Really good! and they play 90's music! This place has a really fun vibe! Definitely go!


Fabio 23 - (Via Frattina 38, Roma) I searched for a leather bag all over Rome and Naples. I went to over 30 shops searching for that one bag I wanted. A few came close but I found MY BAG at Fabio 23. It was bag at first sight. The shopkeeper was very nice and the price for the bag was reasonable.

Ballerette - (Via del Gambero 22, Roma) If you are looking for leather ballet shoes, this is the shop for you. I finally found my dream shoe store! It comes in many colours and styles. I got the classic ballet flats in black. Comes in a cool transparent box.

Marta Ray - (Via del Moro, 6, Roma) Great selections of bag and shoes in Trastevere.

Tiger - reminds me of Muji as it sells different types of knick knacks. Lots of toys for kids.


  1. Drooling... Definitely going to come back to this post if I ever go to Rome again!

  2. I want to hop back to Italy just for the food ;)

  3. everything looks very appetizing and tasty, yum yum

  4. Wow! Food items looks so delicious!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. Totally missing Rome now...!! It's been ages since I've been and this is such a great list of restos!!

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you can go back to Rome soon ;)

  6. Everything looks so good. I hope I make it to Italy someday!


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