Spanish steps, Trevi Fountain, & Castel Sant'Angelo

October 24, 2016 Rome, Italy

I was unlucky with some of the famous sites in Rome. One of them was the Trevi Fountain because it was closed for restoration. I still went there to see it even though it was barricaded (so did 100 people) but I still saw the glimpse of it's beauty. I'm sure it is x1000 more beautiful once the water is flowing. 

I loved that they scrubbed it clean and it's pretty much blinding white when you see it in person. No stone was left untouched by the restoration.

Bay of Naples

October 18, 2016 Naples, Italy

We spent a couple of hours walking around the Bay of Naples. It was late afternoon when we started our walk. A lot of people were also doing the same thing. Except most of them were eating late lunches around the Bay. It was hard to get a table because every restaurant was busy and everyone wanted to sit outside.

San Fracesco di Paola & Vesuvius

October 14, 2016 Basilica Reale San Francesco di Paola, 80132 Napoli, Italy

San Fracesco di Paola church is located in the centre of Naples. You can't miss it because it's a very iconic building because of the centre dome. It looks a lot like the Pantheon.

Royal Palace of Naples

October 10, 2016 Naples, Italy

The Royal Palace of Naples is a must visit! The facade of the Palace was being renovated when we visited so no photos from the outside. I'm sure it will look great when it's done.

The grand staircase alone blew my mind. It is so beautiful and elegant! I was half expecting a princess to descend the staircase at any moment. It's so regal - I loved it!

15 Random Observations of Rome

October 7, 2016 Rome, Italy

It was my first time to visit Rome last year but it certainly won't be the last as this city has a lot to offer and I barely scratched the surface.
You can read about my random observations series here.

1. Tourists sites are so close to each other.
2. It's hard to distinguish the locals to the tourists.
3. Buses, trains, and streetcars are always packed.
4. It's better to walk.
5. No one "poops and scoops". Dog poop's are everywhere so always watch your step.
6. Cobblestone streets are deadly.
7. Never leave your belongings unattended. Pick pockets are everywhere.
8. Sirens are everywhere and it's blaring any time of day/night.
9. Breakfast is non-existent.
10. No shortage of churches.
11. Men are always well dressed.
12. Prepare to eat several courses for dinner.
13. Cacio e pepe is simply amazing!
14. Aperitivo is taken seriously (try aperol spritz!)
15. You need to validate your tickets when using public transportation.

Naples Cathedral & Royal Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro

October 4, 2016 Naples, Italy

This was our first stop in our exploration of Naples. It was walking distance from our Air bnb home. I saw this church being featured on a show on tv and I knew I had to see it for myself. The patron saint of the city is Saint Januarius and the church is widely called "Cathedral of San Gennaro".

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