April 22, 2016

My love for this area in Rome is impalpable. I loved staying in Trastevere and this is the main reason why I had a great trip in Rome and why I rave so much about it. It's always fun to look back on happy memories. 

It's been a difficult few months for me with a lot of changes that came into my life this year. A lot of moving happened which created a lot of stress and worries. I'm still waiting for everything to settle down and let myself get back to "normal" again. I'm just going to blame the mercury retrograding, haha. Joking aside, I heard that spring is difficult for a lot of people and I'm just sending out some good vibes to everyone who may be having a difficult transition. It will get easier and better. Hang in there. 

Piazza Navona

April 15, 2016

The famous Piazza Navona! I now understand why this piazza is very popular and why movies are filmed here. You are surrounded with beautiful sculptures, fountains, and buildings everywhere you look. As I mentioned before, Rome is crammed with art and historical buildings/monuments. There is too much to see and do! One week was not enough to cram it all in. My legs gave up after a couple of hours of walking so always wear comfortable footwear. I don't ever hire a tour guide or take part in group tours so every trip must be planned and executed by me and my boyfriend. It's fun but tiring at the same time but we like having our own schedule.

I liked getting 'lost' in Rome. I loved the side streets and walking on cobblestones. I can imagine myself living here to just breathe in the art and eating all the delicious food. Pasta just doesn't taste the same back home.

Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere

April 12, 2016

The Basilica of Santa Maria (Trastevere) is one of the oldest churches in Rome. I have been to a lot of churches all over Europe but nothing quite like this one. The carved ceiling is very impressive. I tried to photograph it as best as I could but I can't do justice to it. You will have to see in person and be in awe. The ceiling is very intricate and detailed. And everything is gilded in gold!
What's more impressive than that? The mosaic on the front altar!

Definitely come visit this church if you are in Rome! 

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