Asakusa: Don Quijote store

January 6, 2015

While walking around Asakusa, we stumbled upon Don Quijote. I have heard of this store before so I went inside to have a peek. I ended up shopping a lot!

Bought souvenirs and snacks. It's such a big store - at least 3-5 floors selling houseware, food, clothing, accessories, travel items, make-up, etc. You can find pretty much everything here. I took advantage of it. I even went to another Don Quijote in Osaka for more shopping!


  1. Looks like quite a colorful store! Shopping must be fun. :D

  2. Wow. Those snacks are amazing! I would've gone a little crazy in this store :)

  3. I really love Don Quijote, but I haven't been to the one i Asakusa. I like the sign, super pretty!

  4. This looks like so much fun. I love all of the tasty foods available!

    1. They have tons of Japanese food and snacks. It was heaven!


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