15 Random Obervations of Taipei

June 5, 2017 Taipei City, Taiwan

It was my first time visiting Taipei this year and I wish I had more time to explore this city but I got sick so my time outside was very limited.

You can read about my random observations series here.

1. Night markets are everywhere.
2. Cheap food.
3. Fast wi-fi.
4. Great cable and lots of American shows/movies.
5. Delicious pineapple cakes.
6. Great MRT (subway) system.
7. No eating and drinking inside the MRT or you will be fined $300.
8. Affordable clinics with great doctors.
9. You pay less than $2 for bubble tea and it's everywhere.
10. Cheap massages.
11. Great service in stores and restaurants.
12. They love scooters.
13. A mix of modern and old city.
14. Video games fanatics.
15. Abundance of boutique stores.


  1. I would looove to go to Taipei even if just for the night markets and all the snacks!

  2. All for those affordable clinics. Healthcare nowadays, jeez.


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