Travel Ailment: Flu Abroad

May 2, 2017 Taipei City, Taiwan

My trip to Asia last year was terrible. I got the flu! It was the worst feeling in the world being bedridden in a foreign country. Thankfully A and Keiko were there to console and feed me.

There is nothing worse than getting sick on the road. I had a fever, I had aching muscles, and I was just feeling crappy. It got worse in Taipei and I had to stay inside our hotel room most of the time to sleep. 

On day 3, I decided that it was time to see a Doctor for precaution. Our hotel was super helpful in locating a clinic for me. It was a short walk from our hotel.

The receptionists at the clinic were so friendly and kind. I had to pay a small amount of money to see the Doctor. And I only waited for 10 minutes before the Doctor saw me. He was so patient and asked me a lot of questions on how I was feeling and the symptoms I was experiencing. I knew I was in capable hands.

He told me to rest a lot and to take medicine. He prescribed me a list of 3 types of medicine and told me to go downstairs to get my prescription. I thanked him profusely and went downstairs to reception. I was expecting to get my prescription paper and leaving with it to get it filled at the pharmacy but instead they handed me my pills in individually wrapped packaging for each day/dosage amount. I was in shocked! This was great service! I don't get the same service in Toronto.

I never experienced this before. Wow!

I couldn't believe it. It was done in a matter of minutes. Why can't we do this in Canada?

I paid less than $40 for my appointment and medicine. And I got an amazing and efficient service.

I paid more money calling my bloody insurance than going to the Doctor. I'm still too angry to write about the crazy and extremely terrible service I got from my insurance company. I'll save that for another time.

Have you gotten sick while traveling? How did you get through it?


  1. Wow, that sounds like great service indeed! If that ever happens here in America, I'll be shocked. It is true what they say, healthcare in other countries can be 10x better than what we have. Although, I always thought Canada had a good healthcare system? I have family up there and they're always cautious when they come to California because healthcare is ridiculous.

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    1. We do have free healthcare but the service has been declining in recent years.

      And I have travel insurance but their service was terrible too! They make you fill out paperwork over the phone before you can ask questions.

  2. Sad to hear this Christine! I got sick too once in Malaysia. I took this antibiotic I bought there and my eyes are swollen and somehow red the next day. I was so afraid that I won't be able to pass through immigration and go to Dubai (Malaysia is our layover). Good thing, the eye drop I bought made it somehow okay.

    I hope you enjoyed your Taipei trip even your sick.

    1. I was afraid I could not fly back to Japan after that but thankfully I felt better.

      Glad your eye drop worked too. So scary to get sick abroad.

  3. I've never tried getting sick on a trip before. Usually, I'd get sick after because of fatigue. But glad the hospital took real good care of you.

  4. Hoppas du mår bättre snart! Ta hand om dig :)

  5. I have been sick many times on holiday... UTI infection, food poisoning, bronchitis that turned into pneumonia. It's a hassle and the golden rule is to quickly get to the doctor for meds!

    1. It's the worst when you get sick while on holidays :(


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