15 Random Observations of Japan Part I

February 15, 2016

Allow me to revisit my time in Japan in 2014. It was my first time to visit this amazing country and I was blown away by the food and culture. I can't wait to go back to Japan this month! Here are my random observations of Japan..and I'm sure I will be adding more to it after my trip. 

1. No tipping at restaurants.
2. Shop at 100 yen stores for souvenirs.
3. ATM's can be found at JP Post offices.
4. Food can be great souvenirs.
5. Convenience stores will become your best friend. It has everything you need.
6. Kimono pajama's are provided in hotels.
7. Face mask is a must when you're sick.
8. Do not eat the leaf wrapping for the pressed sushi.
9. Always remove your footwear when stepping inside a temple/house.
10. Packaging is key.
11. Bullet trains run every 15 minutes.
12. Everyone is very polite and quiet. 
13. Vending machines are everywhere.
14. Fast & efficient service.
15. Bikes are everywhere.


  1. Wow, so interesting! Did you use the pajamas provided?

  2. I loved the pyjamas and made the most out of relaxing in them. And maybe even more love for the 100 yen stores

  3. This makes me want to go back! Loved looking through your Europe posts... hope to make it to Rome someday soon.


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