Ningxia night market

April 26, 2017 Taipei, Keelung City, Taiwan

After our dinner at Din Tai Fung, we decided to take a walk.

Taipei is famous for night markets. Amanda informed us that there are lots of night markets every night. The most popular night markets in Taipei are Shilin & Raohe. It was my plan to go to both but life had other plans for me. We ended up at Ningxia night market.

This night market is mainly focused on food and we saw a fishing game going on too.

A lot of stalls selling different types of street food. From meat, seafood, stinky tofu..
Everything was mouth watering but we just had dinner so we only sampled a couple of dishes. We were very curious about the stinky tofu so we bought a small plate to share. I was not a fan of the smell or taste. I'd rather just have regular tofu.

Have you ever eaten stinky tofu? Tell me your thoughts. 


  1. I love the look of asian street food markets! They just look so full and busy and the food looks amazing! Never heard of stinky tofu before, but I can't imagine it being too nice haha!
    xo April // April Everyday

    1. It's really fun and you get to eat a lot of different dishes!

  2. I love night markets! And I love fishing game, I think it's cool that they have those. Also street food are the absoulte best! Although I don't eat any kind of tofu hehe. Cheers!

    Nika |

  3. I'm so put off by the smell of stinky tofu that I never could get myself to eat it. It's sort of like the durian fruit in that way!

  4. the food looks incredible!

  5. Night markets are so much fun! You get to eat all the food xD I've actually never tried stinky tofu nor come across it to even have an opinion about it, unfortunately.

    cabin twenty-four


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