Mexican sunset

March 24, 2015

Our resort was expansive and there were a lot of places to explore. I loved that we had a lot of space to roam around in. 

Just before going to dinner, we decided to walk around to try to catch the sunset. We walked and walked until we discovered a cliff. It was a little scary to walk on a very small piece of land. I was mildly freaking out so I walked very slowly and watched my step so I don't plunge down the cliff.
The view and sunset more than compensated for my fear. Not to mention the seeing the tallest cactus ever!! It was beautiful!


  1. Love the cacti! I have yet to find some in Texas. Maybe more out west? :)

    The Peculiar Trouth

  2. There are a lot of tall and beautiful cacti in Death Valley, California.

  3. looks like you have the best time in mexico!! the sunset at the horizon is absolutely stunning, i love skies with no clouds

  4. looks like such a calming sunset!

  5. I am seriously loving everything about this trip. Gorgeous images of a beautiful country.


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