La crucecita town

March 31, 2015

The nearest town from our resort is La Crucecita. It was roughly a 20 minute taxi ride to town for 45 pesos each way. We went to town twice to walk around, shop, and to eat lunch. We ran out of sunscreen (packing two is never enough) so we had to go to town to buy it. Our resort was charging $29 for sunscreen!!! I better start packing more when I go on beach vacations. 

La Crucecita is really small. You can't get lost because every street leads back to the main square in front of the church.

The town has a lot of hotels, restaurants, ice cream shops, and souvenir shops. Walking around was really safe except for the jewellery vendors who will do anything to get your attention.."hey, I was your waiter from your resort, do you want to come inside my store?". I usually just smile and walk away.

My favourite (of course) were the ice cream shops! It was so hot that I needed ice cream all the time.


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