Birthday in Mexico

March 16, 2015

Like I mentioned before, I like to spend my birthday's abroad. And this time, I got lucky enough to once again leave the country to celebrate my birthday in Huatulco, Mexico. Getting older sucks but my pain is lessened when I'm in a warmer climate, eating a nice meal, and drinking wine.

I woke up on my birthday with the sun shinning! What else can I ask for?
We spent the whole day at the beach. I was so happy to finally not wear socks and 10 million layers of clothing. 
For dinner, we booked a reservation at El Mexicano. It was one of the a la carte restaurants in our resort. I was so excited for our meal!
I had avocado with shrimp ceviche for my appetizer and main course was grilled fish (forgot to take a picture of it).
Well, after the main course, I was feeling ill and a barely ate a piece of the chocolate cake that was in front of me. And trust me, I LOVE desserts and I always eat my birthday cake. We left the restaurant and went back to our room.

Half an hour later, I projectile vomited my dinner. I blame the ceviche!!
Overall, I had a really amazing day! and now, I won't ever forget my eventful birthday dinner in Mexico. 


  1. I wish I could go abroad for my birthdays, that would be amazing! It sounded like a lovely birthday, other than throwing up of course. When was your birthday? Happy late birthday!

  2. Lesson learned: do not eat ceviche with empty stomach. =)

  3. Such a lovely way to spend your birthday!! :)

  4. happy birthday you're beautiful! definitely want to celebrate my bday near the sea someday


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