Nagoya Castle Garden

March 5, 2015

I love walking around the castle grounds. It was so quiet and I enjoyed photographing everything. My favourite is the first picture with the lady on the bike. A lot of people bike in Japan especially the older generation. I guess that's the key to their health! 

I also loved the river view from the castle. Everything looks so tranquil.


  1. i love peaceful and safe countries that makes you want to bike! i havent got behind the wheels since i got my driver's license. suppose i might as well move to japan or the netherlands

    1. It's definitely a bike friendly country. Biking is also a good form of exercise..much prefer it than driving a car ;)

  2. I love that first picture too! And I bet it is a reason for prolonged good health!

  3. Such a gorgeous river + the castle = perfection!

  4. That kimono on the bike! I love the quaint calm feel of these photos :)

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