What I ate: Pinoy Street Foods

April 25, 2011

Barbeque time!
Fish Balls
February 2009

I used to eat street food on a daily basis when I lived in the Philippines. Everyday after school, a vendor would come outside the school gate and sell fish balls. For a couple of peso you can have a great snack after school (I know it's not healthy but I was a kid). 

I had to eat street food when I came back so my friend Kat made it happen. It brought back tons of memories of our childhood and a great way to bond together. I love how food brings people together. I am always trying new things when I visit a country and even when I'm home in Toronto, I have a rotation of different cuisines from around the world to choose from.


  1. So...what exactly are fish balls? Are the fish balls or balls of fish? This is a very important question.

    I've never tried intestine but I feel like this is a very common street food, especially in Asia. I have put it on my bucket list.

  2. Hannah - it's basically a batter of flour with fish meat and then fried. I have never made it but that's basically the main ingredients.

    Yes, you must try it once. I'm not a fan but it's not bad.

  3. Fish balls I would try...intestines? Maybe not. My boyfriend tried to get me to eat them while in Argentina, as apparently they are super common there as well. I'm leaving that til the next time we visit (which is not going to be for a while haha). They look good when they're skewered with sauce on them though!

  4. Heather - I only tried intestines once but never again!

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