What I ate: Pinoy Foods - Part 1

April 18, 2011

One of the things I miss being away from my second home is the food. My family cooks Filipino dishes here in Toronto but it's just not the same as from back home. The taste is so different maybe because the ingredients here are not fresh.
Here are some of my favourite Filipino foods:
Palapok - this is the only noodle dish that I like. I love that it has so many different toppings.
Chicken Joy with Rice from Jolibee - this is a Filipino version of Mcdonald's. Instead of fries you get rice!
Bbq pork, rice with garlic, and sisig. Sisig is my addiction. It's consists of different parts of pig sizzled on a hot plate. It is soo yummy! It's usually an appetizer for beer drinkers.
Chicharon - made of fried pork rinds. Very crispy. So bad for you but oh so good!
Sinigang soup - this one had shrimp with tamarind base soup

More to come..


  1. "It's consists of different parts of pig sizzled on a hot plate."

    YES PLEASE! This sounds so good!


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