Lamma Island, Hong Kong

March 21, 2018 Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Taking a day trip to an island in Hong Kong is easy. It's especially easy when your HK friends takes you there. 

We took a boat to Lamma Island. Of course on our way there, we took a pit stop to Cafe Coral for breakfast. I ate so much in Hong Kong. Everyone just eats all the time and I don't know how they all stay skinny?!?

When we finally stopped eating, we went to the pier to buy the tickets for the ferry. I don't remember how much we paid but it was nominal. The boat ride takes 40 minutes.

I ended up taking a nap once we sat down inside the ferry. I was so tired, I just fell asleep. I only woke up when we were close to Lamma Island already.
We docked at Yung Sue Wan Ferry Pier. It was a small pier but with a lot of wooden boats parked around it.
So cute!
We arrived!
Started walking around the pier area where plenty of restaurants and stores are located. They just started to open for the day.
Found banana trees! Not ripe yet though.
We also found Tin Hau Temple during our walk. We stopped to light incense.
And we also walked on a trail and ended up going the opposite direction than we wanted to go to. I thought the 3 guys were expert navigators but...
We ended up walking to the power station. But we got this very nice view so I wasn't mad. We got hungry to we walked back to the pier to eat. Next entry coming up on what we ate.
And when we were leaving the pier, we saw these big wooden boats. It was really fun to go on a day trip in Lamma Island. You can eat there, walk, or hike. We saw some serious hikers and then there was us just looking for seafood ;)

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