Life Update 5.0

March 18, 2018 Toronto, ON, Canada

Okinawa, Japan

Happy spring? Or at least I'm hoping the temperature rises a little more so I can start saying "It's spring!". But that's probably not going to happen yet so I just have to be a little more patient. 
I just came back from my third trip to Japan and I must say that this might be the best one yet! It was absolutely amazing being back in Japan and having an awesome adventure in Okinawa. Wow! 

I have a lot of back entries I need to get done before I can post more of my Japan trip. But I am planning to overlap posting between my Asia trips and Greece trip last year so I can catch up faster. I will be posting more often now that I have accumulated a lot of drafted post. I am hoping you read and comment. 

Also, if you need any tips from me please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on either my instagram (DM me!) or e-mail. I am always happy to help! Or if you just want to say hi :) 

Happy Sunday! 

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