First day in Athens

March 29, 2018 Athens, Greece

We left Toronto at around 5pm the day before and arrived in Athens the next day at 9:20 am. I always love arriving early in the morning so I can see the view of the city while landing. 
It was really hot already when we got out of the subway. Even walking to our hotel was hard. I was sweating a lot already. 
We checked in and dropped off our bags at our hotel. We took a walk around Ommonia square and stopped at a cafe to eat pies and get a cold drink. Everyone in Greece drinks frappe. All day and night. 
We also walked to Monastriki area. This is a very busy square in Athens. You can shop here for souvenirs and other knick knacks. It also has a flea market. 
A whole street of shops lined up on either side of the street.
We just quickly browsed around the area.
I was not in the mood to shop yet so we looked at ancient ruins instead. This is Hadrian's library. We didn't have tickets to go inside but it was nice to see it. 
And we got a glimpse of the Acropolis! A pretty good day 1 in Athens.


  1. Looking forward to seeing more from your time there! I've never been to Greece and would love to see athens.

    1. Thanks Jane! Will be posting more about my trip from Greece :)


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