Bohol Tour - Tarsier Sanctuary

March 15, 2018 Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, Tarsier Sunctuary Rd, Corella, Bohol, Philippines

It has been my goal to see the Tarsier in Bohol.  Tarsier's are one of my world's smallest primates. I was shocked when I saw the tarsier's in person and how tiny they looked. I did not expect them to be really really small. They have a tiny body with huge eyes!

Of course we went to visit during the day and they were all sleeping as they are nocturnal animals.
The entrance fee to the Tarsier Sanctuary was P60 pesos (or $1.45 CDN). You are supposed to be quiet when you enter the sanctuary to not disturb the sleeping tarsier's but there was a group of older ladies with us and they were very LOUD!
We were all trying to hush them but they were not listening. Poor little tarsier's.
And the saddest part is that they are endangered animals.
You will spend no more than 1 hour here. You basically go around the sanctuary and spot the tarsier's and that's it. 

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