What I Ate: Philippines Part I

January 26, 2018 Bohol, Philippines

I still dream of the food that we ate in the Philippines. It tastes very different from the Filipino restaurants here in Toronto. It just never tastes the same. 
The photo above is called pork liempo (grilled pork belly). It's so unhealthy but it tastes amazing! The skin is crispy and when you dip it in soy sauce with chilies then it tastes even better. I am craving it for it now.
Also, ordered barbeque. This is one is pork and hotdog.
We ate most of our meals from Pernia's. We came there most of the time, they knew us when we left. Love this family owned restaurant. This is one of our breakfasts there. This is tocino with egg and rice.
And this one is longganisa (sausages) with egg and rice. Pretty much every meal must have rice.
This was from a different restaurant. We ordered prawns with garlic sauce. This was heavenly! The prawns was very fresh. I mostly eat frozen here in Toronto :(
This was lunch one day - we ordered sinigang na isda (fish soup), greens beans with carrots, meat (honestly can't remember what this is called), and of course rice!
Malunggay (moringa) ice-cream from Bohol Bee farm. This was surprisingly good. Did not taste like the plant.
Another day, another breakfast...this time I picked the fried fish.
And A ordered corned beef.
We passed by the grill in front of Pernia one night before dinner and we were drooling. So we went back to our hotel, cleaned up, and went back here to order the pork belly. 

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