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January 24, 2018 Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

Since, I already trusted Julius in booking our boat tour, I also booked our Bohol tour with him. We became friends. We got to hang out with him one night when we were passing by the main street of Alona. I ended up talking to him for a few hours about his life, family, was really fun speaking in my mother tongue. And joking around. 

Julius booked us a private car to use for half a day tour. It was ₱ 1,600 ($39 CDN) for two people (you can also have more people, 4max). I loved it because I didn't want a group tour and following an itinerary. We wanted to have full control on where to go and not wait around for other people. 

Ricky was our driver and he was awesome! 

The entrance fees for each attraction was not included in that price but it was very cheap so no problem! 

The one thing to remember is most attractions in Bohol closes around 4:30pm. 

After lunch, Ricky picked us up from our hotel and our first destination was Chocolate Hills because it was the farthest. We brought water and snacks in the car to keep us entertained. Ricky was a great driver and we felt very safe with him navigating the steep and winding roads. 

We saw fellow tourists driving scooters and I felt so queasy watching them drive on winding roads. I was glad we booked a car instead of renting a scooter. I don't think I would make it.

The entrance price for Chocolate Hills is 50 PHP per person which is $1.22 CDN. It's cheap! 
To see the hills, you have to first climb up the  steep stairs. It's 240 steeps to the top. It was tiring and also very hot so take your time climbing and make sure you have water with you. And if you want some shade bring an umbrella.
Once you get to the top, you are rewarded by the best view!
Chocolate hills are grass-formed limestone. During the dry season, the grass-formed hills dry up and turn chocolate brown hence the name "chocolate hills".  There is about 1,776 hills in total spread around the towns of Carmen, Batuan, and Sagbayan in Bohol. We went to the viewing deck in Carmen.
Take all the photos that you want at the top.
After leaving the Chocolate hills complex, we found rice fields by the side of the road. A has never seen a rice field before so I told Ricky to stop so we can have a look at the newly planted rice #riceislife.
I almost fell off the rice paddy and into the water hahaha. Oh well, it was a nice photo. And I had mud on my sandals after but it was worth it. 
I used to go to my Grandmother's farm because she had a rice field. This brings back childhood memories.
We also stop by a wet market. I wanted A to see the local market in Bohol and show him the different items they sell. And I needed new slippers since I had mud on my sandals.
I grew up eating dried fish so for me it's not a big deal but A didn't so I showed him the different varieties. A lot of people hate the smell of fish but I love it. The stinkier the better ;)
I used to eat dried fish all the time with rice. And you also can dip it in either vinegar or soy sauce.

Also showed him the different types of bananas and veggies at the market.
I really enjoyed our time at the market. Just walking around and talking to the locals.

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