Lake Placid - Exploring the Adirondacks

January 5, 2018 Adirondack Mountains

I've been meaning to visit the Adirondacks for years now but somehow I kept on putting it off. I decided that this fall was the time I was going to visit.

We drove from Toronto to Kingston (crossing the border) and then down to Lake Placid. We took the scenic route. It was beautiful.
We stayed at an inn in the Upper Jay. It was a great location.The photo above was our view driving around Adirondacks.The mountain was full of birch trees.
 It was almost Halloween so the whole area was decked out in pumpkins and Halloween decorations. This was the wine store Keene.
Lake Placid was a 20 minute ride. It was easy to get there. We simply parked the car and walked around the main town. Lots of shops and restaurants to choose from.

The weather was gloomy and raining but we didn't mind. We were spared from the rain on our first night was clear so we enjoyed the bonfire from our inn.
We had dinner one night at Baxter Mountain Tavern. I had this massive plate of ravioli. It was delicious and I loved the coziness of the restaurant.
Another note worthy dinner was at Ausable Inn. They had duck wings on the menu and I have never eaten that before so we ordered it. It was amazing! I really liked it. And we also ordered a huge pizza. We couldn't finish it so we took it back to our inn and had it for lunch when we got back on the road.
This is a maple syrup store. It was empty when we got there. It's an honor system payment. We picked out what we wanted. Wrote down the items, date, and left the exact price on the box.

On our drive home, we took a different route. We found a lot of waterfalls while driving. And of course I had to stop and take pictures. 

I would love to come back during sunny/warmer days so I can hike the mountains. I'm sure it will be a good experience. 

Have you visited the Adirondacks?


  1. Oh wow! The scenery is amazing. The honour system for the maple syrup store is so sweet (ha ha).


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