Virgin Island sand bar

January 16, 2018 Pungtud Island, Philippines

We went back to our boat after stopping at Balicasag Island to our next destination. The virgin island sand bar.
It was raining when we arrived but that didn't stop us from docking and walking on the sand. The water was warm and clear. 

We were greeted by vendors selling food. They had fresh seafood like abalone, sea urchins, and other snacks like plantain for sale. 
 and also drinks like fresh coconut, pop,and water. 

It was funny to see this in the middle of the ocean. A hut selling food. I got over it quickly and went to walk around the sand bar instead.
It started raining but I kept walking around the sand bar. I was expecting it to get deeper. It was shallow and the water was crystal clear.
There is nothing to do here but take pictures!
One of our fellow tourist held up everyone on the boat by taking forever to get back. She ordered food and it took a long time to cook. We were all just waiting for her while everyone else came back to the boat. 

Of course, no apologies when she came back.

We went back to Alona beach after. That was the end of our tour. 


  1. I'm imagining how amazing it must've felt to be walking on the sand bar with water lapping around your legs while the rain came down. HEAVEN.

    Pretty inconsiderate of that tourist. Jeez, I would've apologized.

    1. It was amazing!

      I know, right? I don't understand people sometimes.


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