Raiding Japanese supermarkets

April 12, 2017 Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Going to the supermarket is always fun to visit in different parts of the world. I find it exciting to walk around grocery stores in different countries/cities. I am always curious on what people eat. 

Keiko took us to a supermarket in Nagoya where I went crazy taking photos.

I love the pre-packaged meals and look how cheap it is!!! Ahhh, can I live in Japan so I can eat fresh fish every day without breaking my bank account!
I honestly could not believe the prices - less than $3 for each. Wow! That's at least double here in Toronto.
So cheap!!!
I found a lot of mini versions of items inside the supermarket which I think is a really brilliant idea. You don't see a huge can of coke or giant tubs of ice cream. No wonder Japanese people are quite slim. 
And selling alcohol inside the grocery store? That's awesome! Ontario is finally catching up to this..
A mini Canada dry. Had to take a picture of this!
This is a kid's drink but I bought myself a few of these because it was cute and also, it was very tasty with sliced oranges inside. And I needed vitamin C. So win-win.

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  1. I love going to supermarkets overseas as well! Those mini cans are adorable.


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