What I Ate: Soos Resturant

April 4, 2017 94 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z4, Canada

I keep forgetting to post photos and write blog posts about restaurants that I try in Toronto. I usually post it on instagram but this dinner was really good so I want to immortalize it here on my blog. And I really want to write more restaurant recommendations for tourists coming to Toronto. 

We celebrated my eldest sister's birthday here at Soos Restaurant (Malaysian fusion). It was a girl's weekend! We opted for an early reservation so that we can enjoy each other's company longer. And we knew the restaurant will be busy later on the night. 

We all ordered the "feed me" for $38 pp. We wanted to all taste their favourite dishes. 

Pulled kapitan tacos - house made tacos with nappa carrot slaw with tzatziki
Pork belly pancakes - nyonya sticky soy pork bellly on a crispy taro root pancake. I really loved the crispy taro root pancake! I could eat it all all day.

Laksa dumplings - fried tofu, squid and shrimp paste on laksa broth. I wasn't a fan of this.
Red chili wings - this was really good. I loved that it was sticky and it had a nice heat! Want to come back for this too.
Our absolute favourite dish was the prosperity tossed slaw. It was perfect! It was the perfect course in between all of the meat courses. It had papaya, carrots, and the yuzu plum dressing had the perfect tang to cleanse your palate! We all want to recreate it now at home.
 Rendang beef short ribs - I love the roti and the beef ribs was a little spicy :)
Char kway teow - this was our last dish and everyone was full at this point but we tried the noodles anyways. It was not amazing. It had a really burnt taste and the flavour was off.

Overall, I really liked most of the dishes that was served to us. The slaw and pork belly are my top 2! 

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  1. This looks like it has interesting fusion stuff! What kind of cuisine do they market themselves as?

  2. That pork belly on pancake and the tacos MMMMMMM. Did you walk out with a food coma? I feel full just looking at these pictures!


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