What I Ate: Din Tai Fung

April 17, 2017 Taipei, Keelung City, Taiwan

Of course one of our first meals in Taipei was at Din Tai Fung. It's a very famous restaurant for xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings). We met Keiko's friend Amanda who took us here for dinner.

Amanda ordered the food for us because she knows what's good. I was just happy to eat and not be bothered figuring out what to eat.
I was starting to feel ill during this time so my mind was starting to get blurry but you know food so I had to eat. Thankfully, I still had an appetite here before I got the flu. I would have been really bummed if I didn't taste any dishes. 

The rice with pork on top. OMG, the rice was really good! You all know how much I love rice, haha!
This was really good too - fern! So refreshing after eating all the meat.
Forgot the name of this dish :(
Of course the xiaolongbao did not disappoint. I could eat this every day. The only thing I skipped was the xiaolongbao with crab (allergies!!).

You have to be very careful eating the dumplings because it's very hot that it can burn your tongue. I usually take a small bite before slurping the broth inside and then I eat the whole dumpling.
The glutinous rice dessert!
Loved watching them make the dumplings from the window. They make it so fast!! Teach me please.

Have you ever had steamed dumplings before?


  1. Din Tai Fung here is quite expensive and there are lots of alternatives so I don't really go there. I bet the one in Taiwan would've been amazing though!

    Jane / deluminators

    1. It was really good. I can't remember how much we paid because I was in food coma and I didn't pay attention to the exchange rate but I'm sure it was not too expensive.

  2. I LOVE Din Tai Fung -- there is one in the mall closest to me. I have to agree with Jane about how expensive DTF is, especially for the amount of food you get in the vegetable dishes. However, their xiaolongbao are worth it! Their garlic string beans are a favorite as well!

    1. We don't have a Din Tai Fung here in Toronto so it was a must try in Taipei. But I do eat at other restaurants here in Toronto with xialongbao on their menu.

  3. Xiaolongbao is also popular here in the Philippines! Your photos made me really hungry! Hahaha

    marielle was here

  4. All that looks so good!! There's actually a Din Tai Fung close to where I live here in California... although I don't know if it's the same thing?

    cabin twenty-four

  5. I didn't eat at Din Tai Fung when I was in Taipei because on both branches I have been to, the queue was so long! But I had xialongbao at another restaurant nearby. It was quite good though. I usually prick it first in the spoon, add a bit of soy sauce and spice and eat it =)


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