Shopping in Japan Part I

January 9, 2017 Tokyo, Japan

Shopping in Japan is so much fun even if you are just window shopping. There is no shortage of "kawaii" (cute) items to buy. I find it exciting to discover new things so walking around at a mall or shops is an adventure for me already! 

We went to Kichijoji to shop. We went to a Department store because I was looking for new earbuds. I forgot the name of the store now..I think it was Yodabashi (sorry! I had jetlag). Ended up going to different floors because I wanted to just browse everything!!!
I love rice! So when I saw the rice cooker section, I went a little crazy! So many choices!!! I wanted them all but the prices were over my budget!
$400 and upwards for ceramic rice cookers! That better be the best rice I've ever tasted for that price! But come to think of it, it might be worth it since it will probably last a lifetime! What do you think?
Ahh, the cute things! I had to resist from buying these items. I love bringing my own lunch to work so any bento accessories works for me.
I was on a lookout for a new kettle! Loved these and kind of regretted not buying them. The kettles in North America are too boring!
I was looking for earbuds and at first I thought they only had one row of products then I discovered that they had a whole floor dedicated to it! How crazy is that? From cheap headphones to $500 and up for each one! I ended up buying a $20 earbuds!  It was insane to choose just one. Too many products and colours to choose from.
Stationary heaven! I miss writing snail mail. I barely do it now :(
And I went psycho at drugstores. They have so many beauty products!! I had to google what I wanted to purchase before setting foot in Japan. I was ready with my list!  

Do you have any favourite items to buy in Japan? or Favourite stores? 


  1. When I was in Tokyo last week I wanted to buy headphones but didn't know where to go!!! What store is this Christine? And I was also looking for stores that sells cute things. You know the kind Chuvaness calls "wasteland" but I didn't know also where to go!
    I live shopping in Japan too!

    1. Ms. T dapat you messaged me. I went to Yodabashi but I think BIC also has headphones. I also go to Don Quijote, Loft & Daiso to buy all kinds of junk and snacks.

  2. Shopping in Japan would be so cool, I feel like i'd come away with things I never knew I needed!

  3. I loved browsing all the cute stuff in Japan! Kawaii culture is everywhere - even the cheapest, most everyday places - and it always makes you smile :).

  4. So much stationery! This is perfect :) x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  5. Isn't it crazy how even "boring" electronics like water cookers and rice cookers are somehow fun to shop or even window-shop for in Japan because it's just so cute?! Same goes for the appliances in Korea too. Really want to make it to Japan one day! i still have never been!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  6. Window shopping/shopping in general really is the best in Japan! They have so many cool things. I love visiting their beauty stores the most..there's some of the same Japanese hair products I buy here in Toronto as well but way more expensive here =\

    1. I hoard the beauty products too and snacks! So much cheaper than buying it here.


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