Shinjuku & a haircut story

January 18, 2017 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

I love walking around in Shinjuku without a purpose. Walking around here during the day is completely different than during the night.
Plenty of restaurants and shops to choose from.
And plenty of entertainment.
You might even see Godzilla!

I don't know how I managed to get a haircut in Japan without speaking Japanese. My hair was driving me crazy when I arrived in Tokyo and I was also feeling ill so I needed a distraction. I passed by a salon near my hotel and scoped it out a little to make sure it's not too intimidating. 

The next day, I gathered all my strength to walk in and ask for a haircut. Aki greeted me and was very accommodating considering I made no appointment. He took me in, took my coat, got me seated, and we did a sign language on what to do with my hair. We also spoke in broken English. I trusted him immediately. I didn't care about my hair. Just cut it please. He was so nice to me and even got me a case for my eye glasses. 

I sat on the chair listening to English music. We spoke to each other a little bit. I think he was very nervous about cutting my hair. He spent a couple of minutes just figuring out how to deal with my hair. It was amusing!

He was very gentle with my hair and made sure I was comfortable. An hour later, I had a more refined and shorter hair. I was very happy with the result. I really wanted to tip him but that was not allowed.

Thank you Aki! 


  1. Shinjuku does look like a fun place to wander aimlessly. Glad your hair turned out well!

    Jane / deluminators

  2. Walking around and getting lost in that area is such an adventure. These photos remind me of my time in Japan a while back. Love the energy and variety in Shinjuku!

    Fariha | Blog

  3. Sometimes the best things happen when you decide to do something on a whim!

  4. Amazing post, stunning pictures as well, I love your blog, thank you for sharing!!!


  5. Loving the photos! Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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